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World War I WebQuest
What is it like to be in a conflict as a pilot? 
  • This was the first war where warfare also came from the skies. What was it like to be a pilot, fighting the war from hundreds of feet above the battlefields and villages.
  • Instructions:

    Your task is to follow each of the following pairs of links. After visiting each set of sites, your team should:

    1. Discuss what it was like to be a pilot during World War I, as if you were this participant.
    2. Go to your team’s worksheet and write down an understanding or truth, based on the set #1 workstation/internet sites that you just visited [see below]
    3. Then proceed to the next pair of sites of materials and repeat steps 1 and 2
    4. When you have visited, discussed and written down your understandings from the 3 sets of websites and/or other work stations that you visited, you will then complete the last section of your worksheet that answers the question "What was it like to be a pilot during this conflict?"

      Remember, in the next stage [Stage 2] of this WebQuest, each member of your team will be sharing your team’s response with a larger group of participants. Make sure your understanding and analysis will help this larger group understand the essential question.
    Remember - your entire team will be assessed on what you write down and turn in!
    Be sure to use your BACK button to keep returning to this site!


    Now turn this sheet over and begin your webquest

    Visit these sites:

    Set #1: overview

    The Royal Flying Corps
    follow all of the various links in the article
    [more fun if you are equipped for sound.]

    Zeppelins: not all pilots flew airplanes

    View 8 images from each of the following sites:

    Allied Aircraft and Equipment

    Central Powers Aircraft and Equipment



    Set #2: aces

    Manfred von Richthofen, The Red Baron

    Read the intro and (1) Manfred von Richthofen, My First English Victim, just below the introduction

    Eddie Rickenbacker


    American Ace

    optional sites:

    Aces of World War I: Aces can be viewed by nationality



    Set #3: strategies

    The American Air Service in the Great War: Part II: The Air Service at St. Mihiel




    When you have completed viewing and analyzing the three sets of information, on a separate sheet of paper, synthesize the information from your notes into one statement:

    What is it like to be in a conflict as a pilot?

    Remember: this is not a report about... You are to respond in the voice of your participant.