Honda Dax ST70

Update, The Minibike has been Sold.

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This bike was purchased new in Japan by a US serviceman. The dealer that sold it is Curly's Honda, gate 1 Yokota air base, Tokyo. That was on May 18, 1970. So this is a 1970 ST70 Dax K0. He brought the bike home and assembled it, and he rode it around his backyard once. Then he put it away in his garage. He told me that he never got around to riding it again. 32 years later, I purchased the bike from him, at his garage sale. It just shows that you never know what you might find at a garage sale. The true mileage at that time was 0.9KM. I washed it off, because it was pretty dirty from the long years of storage. Then I had to pump up the tires. I checked the air filter, and it crumbled when I touched it. I replaced it with a new one and also replaced the battery, which was dry, with a new one. I had to solder in the wires removed from the old battery, and covered the repair with shrink tubing. After that I added gas and tried to start it. It wouldn't start at first, so I cleaned the Spark plug and tightened up the cap on the plug wire. After that it surprised me by starting on the next kick. I rode it up and down the street in front of my house on a short test ride, it runs great,. I got it up to about 30 miles per hour or so. This little test ride doubled the mileage, the actual true mileage at this time is 1.9 KM.
The Dax ST70 is very similar to the US model CT70, known as the Trail 70. The Dax is oriented a little bit more to street use, it does not have the skid plate of the trail bike. It does have turn signals, and a centerstand instead of a sidestand. This bike has the optional removable front end. You just disconnect the wiring at a connector behind the headlight. Then you take the throttle cable apart at it's quick disconnect just under the main frame tube. Then you crank on the little hand crank lever mounted on top of the steering head. The front fender is mounted low to make room for the spindle to drop down. After that, the whole front end comes right off of the bike, so that it can be easily carried in a car trunk.  You can watch an amazing video of this whole process here: (requires quicktime, and patience)

Dax Video

This may be the lowest mileage Honda 70 in the USA.


And if you think that that first story was amazing, check out this Honda CL90 from the same garage sale, which is still in the original crate, never even assembled. Like the Dax, this model was not normally sold in the USA. This one may be the only one in the country.