In the spring of 1976, Bernard received a phone call from jazz musician Paul Horn. Paul was preparing for a trip to Egypt that would include an improvisational recording session in the Great Pyramid. The recording produced from that trip was to become the popular new age classic, "Inside the Great Pyramid." In the album notes, Paul writes about their conversation:

“Ben loved the idea, (of playing flute inside the Great Pyramid) and said that sound and vibrations were an integral part of the structure. In fact, he said that every room has a basic vibration to it and that if we can find what it is and identify with it we become in tune with that particular space. I had never heard that theory before, but it made sense to me. Ben went on to say that the main chamber in the Great Pyramid was the King’s Chamber. In it is a hollow lidless Coffer of solid granite. He said to strike this Coffer and it will give off a tone. I should tune up to this note and I will be at one with, and in tune with this chamber! ‘ And by the way,’ he said, ‘ you’ll find that note to be ‘A’ 438 (vibrations per second…‘A’ 440 is the established pitch for tuning in the West.) He seemed to know this quite definitely, although he had never been there.”

“In the weeks to follow, I located a battery-operated device called a Korg Tuning Trainer which could give me the exact pitch of any tone by registering it on a meter. “What the heck,” I thought, “just in case.”

Paul Horn playing in King's Chamber

Photo: Roger Smeeth

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“The moment had arrived. It was time to play my flute. I thought of Ben Pietsch from Santa Rosa, California and his suggestion to strike the Coffer. I leaned over and hit the inside with the fleshy part of the side of my fist. A beautiful round tone was immediately produced.

What a resonance! I remember him also saying when you hear that tone you will be “poised in history that is ever-present.” I took the electronic tuning device I had brought along in one hand and struck the Coffer again with the other and there it was—‘A’ 438, just as Ben had predicted. I tuned up to this pitch and was ready to begin...The echo was wonderful, about eight seconds. The chamber responded to every note equally. The album opens with these events so that you can hear all of these things for yourselves. “

(Click to hear actual recording of sound of the Coffer from “Inside the Great Pyramid” It’s worth the wait! ©1977 by Paul Horn. All rights reserved. Used with permission.)

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