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The Mind
Minds and computers operate the same

I believe the mind is not only in the brain, but is the whole body. The mind is the body.

When one thinks, one uses the whole body to do this. Unfortunately, we have been taught to think that we think only with the brain.  This puts a great limit on our thinking processes. Just think, if one opens their whole body up to thinking, how much improved the thinking process could be. Now, the mind isn't stupid, and it already does a certain amount of this, without us thinking about it.  But, if one is aware of it, one can open up the body to think in an improved process, which could improve the thinking process tremendously.

That said, I also think the body works very similar to a computer, or vise versa. The mind has two basic states. Conscious and subconscious.

Conscious is what we think when we are awake. It's sort of a reaction state, that draws from the subconscious state to make decisions. The conscious state would compare to ram in a computer. Ram in a computer is where stuff is moved in and out to make things happen. It is, a now state.

Subconscious, is what's stored in the hard drive and/or in rom. These are the things that make us what we are. Software, pictures, text, etc. The things that we have experienced in life are stored in the subconscious and make us what we are.  These are the things that we have stored in our mind from all the experiences in our lives, that make us do what we do. The things on a computers hard drive are much easier to change than the things in our subconscious. The things stored in rom are not easy to change. However, if we can change our subconscious, we can change who we are and how we think.  It's not easy, but can be done. To change the subconscious state, one must be in the subconscious state to do this.  This is because one must access the memory in the subconscious state, that one wants to change, to make a change. 

One can look at the computers processor as compared to the brain. It processes all things in the computer. Now, that statement may look like it contradicts what I said about the mind being the body, but we are just talking about the brain, so far.

Let's look further. A sound card could equate to your ears and voice.  Or a video card to your eyes. If you have a robot, it's walking things, could equate to your legs and feet.  In a computer, we have busses to link these things together, just like in the body, we have spinal cords and nerves to connect all of this.

Let's take a look at an advanced video card.  It has drivers that tell it what to do and how to interact with the processor. These are stored on the computers hard drive and some of it is stored in the video cards rom. It has rom to tell it what it is and how to act.  It may have it's own processor to do things on it's own, without using the main computer processor, but still has to communicate with the main computer processor to keep everything in synch.
It has it's own ram, conscious and it's own subconscious in the form of rom.

Now, computers are still advancing, so they haven't quite caught up with the body yet, but they will, when each part of the computer has a processor, ram and rom, which interacts with all the rest of the system, all the time. The final computer will be a mass of processors, with rom and ram, connected by busses.

Oh, by the way, the busses may also evolve into processors, rom and ram, also.

Thus, the mind is the body.