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Prisma TL or Prisma II

(Note: Both clocks make the same colors)

Prisma TL
Prisma II
Black case Case with chrome colored sides
Luxurious edge polished thick face acrylic Mystery window showing that the colors as seen from the front are not the same as when you look from the side behind the face polarizer. Where are the colors coming from?
Second hand disk, like original from the 1970's, red in picture above. Large disk in rear does not rotate. Dual disk second hand. Both disks rotate giving more color activity.
Hour and Minute hands, rectangular like original from the 1970's. Larger so they will overlap each other more often -- giving another color shift.

The new Prisma TL has been designed to come close to the original Prisma from the 1970's, but with the improvement of the LED's for the internal light source (no fluorescent lamps to replace) giving you more and better colors.

Prisma TL Prisma II
Rectangular hour and minute hands Standard Optional
Pointed hour and minute hands Optional Standard
Smaller eccentric second hand disk, larger disk is fixed in rear. Standard Optional
Larger dual second hand disk Optional Standard
Thick edge polished face lens Standard Not Available
Black case, no mystery window Standard Optional
Transparent case with Mystery window and chrome colored sides Not Available Standard
Side covers, chrome colored Optional Standard
Side covers, gold colored Optional Optional
Price $499 $399
Customizing price, any combination of the above options for $15 $15 $15

New Light source

Now with more colors, better colors, and colors that do not repeat exactly twice/minute like the old versions, plus now even the background color changes. Also, a new brightness adjustment to brighten it up for an office or dim it down for a bedroom. This is accomplished with 20 red, 20 white, 20 blue, and 20 green Superflux LEDs driven by a microprocessor. No more fluorescent lamps to deal with like the original Prisma (not referring here to the cold cathode lamps in our first Prisma II, but the original Prisma from the 1970's). A wonderful improvement on a classic design.

Specials versions: Occasionally someone says, "I like the original Prisma's rectangular hour and minute hands." This and other modifications are available for a flat $15 extra handling charge. Allow three day delay in shipping. A list of all the possible changes are listed in the table above.

The new colors are wonderful.

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Note the different color of the background depending on if you are viewing the clock from the left or the right. The sides are a chrome color. The sides look better than the picture.

Note the colors are better than the video and the flickering is a camera artifact. Sorry.


In 2001 we introduced the PRISMA II, an updated version of the Prisma changing clock from the 70's.  We have improved on the original in several ways. The second hand is more color active! The large concentric disk is now part of the second hand and changes color also. The hour and minute hands are now wedges and larger for even more color changing area. The lamps are long life, greater than 15 years, LEDs , no fluorescent lamps to fuss with. We have added a Mystery Window around the front edge. You can look inside and see the color inside is very different than the color coming through the face?

What's so special about polarized light color changing? There are continuously changing colors and surprising color 'shifts' when the secondhand disk overlaps the minute & hour hands. There is something else going on!! First you intuitively sense - something is wrong with the colors. Then you walk around while watching the clock and surprise --- the colors change depending on your viewing angle! Plus, inside the clock you see a clear secondhand disk changing through a magenta-blue-green-yellow color range, twice/minute as it rotates. It turns out, the color changes have to do with polarized light and a phenomenon called bi-refractance. Vectors of light are being rotated as they pass through each material which is very different from color filtering.

The case is highly polished acrylic with chrome-colored top and sides. The motor is the same big, strong metal gear, long life, as was in the original Prisma. The price is $399 .

The best of contemporary design and engineering. Enjoy the Prisma for a lifetime and then pass it down to your descendants.

To ask questions or place an order call 1-800-328-1895

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LAMPS:        LED Light-emitting-diodes. Life depends on brightness set by user. Default brightness (when you first plug it in) is 15 years to 20% less brightness reduction.


MOTOR: Big strong metal geared motor, usually lasts 20 years.

POWER:        120 VAC 60 HZ,  10 WATTS, (For information on 230 VAC, 50 HZ click here). 

WEIGHT :      5 LBS. Shipping weight 6 LBS. 

DIMENSIONS:  7.25 in. HIGH, 7 in. WIDE, 5 - 3/16 in. DEEP.  TL version is 6" DEEP.


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