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Roman & Digital + Seconds

Ever wanted a really weird clock? Take one of the oldest ways of counting, roman numerals, and make it digital. Better yet, make setting the time a "tilt" game. Tilt the clock far 60° counter clock wise (CCW) and the fast set is active. Tilt 30° CCW and the slow set is active. Tilt 60° CW and the seconds reset to zero for accurate setting. Best yet, the manufacturer, Harry Landis gives you his own private lifetime warranty – as long as he lives send in the clock with $5 and he'll repair and return. For you techies, the electrical schematic is glued inside.

The case is mahogany.

Display: Long life, RED light emitting diodes.

Power: 120VAC, 60Hz

Dimensions: 18-1/4" Long, 4-3/8" High, 2-7/8" Deep.

Warranty: See above.

To order by phone or ask questions call Harry Landis at 508-285-7568

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