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Among my huge collection of radios are a number of Short-Wave sets. On Short-Wave, there are interesting tidbits of info, such as international broadcasts and a bunch of religious zelot stations, based here right in the good 'ol USA, mostly in the South. One of them is owned by the Catholic Church, WEWN in Birmingham Alabama, a powerful blowtorch that puts out one of the loudest signals I can receive.

As I laid in bed one night, listening to this station, a priest offered a prayer during a Mass. During this prayer, the priest prayed specificaly for the overturing of the Roe vs. Wade court decision that allowed abortion. The rest of the prayer was generic.

I heard no reference to asking forgiveness for the terrible damage done to kids by the pedophile priests the Church failed to deal with.

There was no reference to the large number of Hispanic kids that have died in gang wars.

I did not hear a prayer for Central and South Americans that live in grinding poverty, due to the Church's prohibition on contraception. And we wonder why we have so many illegal immigrants flooding this country? It's because one gets tired of seeing his children starve. That's why!

As I listen to both Catholic and Evangelical churches rant on about 'Right-to-Life-From-the-Moment-0f-Conception', I am wondering if this fixation on a blob of protoplasim about the size of the period at the end of this sentence has caused the Church to totally lose touch with the issues living people have to face.

This hypocracy is not lost on the non-Christian world. The Bible repeatedly commands us to look after the orphan and the widow and to have compassion on the poor. The Good Book has nothing direct to say about abortion with the few verses that even get close to the subject being disputed by better minds than mine. In other words, you have to follow your concience.

I, for one, believe that the soul, that essence that separates the human being from the rest of the animal kingdom, enters the growing fetus in about the second or third month. That is my opinion. Take it or leave it. The advances in Stem-Cell research is about to bring this issue to a head. It will be hard to argue against a possible medical procedure using stem-cells that could cure Diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, diseases that bring untold heartbreak as well a costing us billions of dollars. Unless there is a breakthrough that avoids the use of human embryos, I am expecting the radical 'Right-to-Lifers' to lose this battle. That's all I have to say....

Bob Banner