"Hey Hal...Please speak to
me Hal...I love you, Hal...
...Please let me back into
my spaceship so I can check
out these links...Hal? Hal???"

The Beautious Duke&Rat Links Page. All the websites and individuals we know and love.

Broadcast Engineerings.com Engineer Tom is good at solving your computer, audio, or low power FM problems.
Aquilaink.com Read a chapter of Bob Banner's Book "Two Horns Of The Devil." Written at at time that he was Vertical. Hard to believe...
Main Street Station The Best Pizza In The World, plus: Live Jazz by Real Live Jazz musicians in Guerneville.

Russian River Chamber of

Sandy, the new C of C Secretary, use to work for the "G" station. Ask her about the real story behind "Miss American Pie."
The Tie Dye Guy Put some color in your life.
Rio Theatre Cheap Flicks in a WWII quanset hut.
Oldies Music Oldies bulletin board and more!
Psychic Vera Psychic Vera Sees All, Knows All....Unlike Those Repulsevans!
Yesterday On The River He's old enough to know what a carburetor is, and so are his classic photos.
The Official Rumpology page
by Silvester Stallone's Mother
How can you possibly survive life without a Personal Psychic Reading of your Wonderful Butt? Jacquie Stallone sees all; knows all!
Mooning Amtrack A bunch of guys who enjoy showing their butts as the train goes by. They've all been to Jacquie Stallone's website, and learned alot! Rear views avaliable?!