As a Public Service, Duke&Banner have provided a 24 hour audio hotline linked to President Bush. He will answer all of your questions. He is very smart! He can provide answers to tough mathematical questions, history questions, spelling questions, etc. In fact, any question you can think of, he will answer correctly. He has an I.Q. of over 10,000! Ask your question below by clicking on the balloons, and hear his ASTONISHING ANSWER!!


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Technical notes: The Prez in recorded in the universal MP3 format, and works on all audio programs, including Windows Media Player, Quicktime & Real Audio. But your player must be configured to accept MP3. If not, you will get a "can't open file" or an "error" message. To fix, you must open up your audio program and check the MP3 file tab. If you have problems that you can't fix, please let us know. We're here to help!

DA PREZ's response had to be edited in order to fit the bandwith limitations of The Beauteous Duke&Banner&Rat website. For a full recording, contact us by e-mail.