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Supervisor Update:

When Supervisor Kelley was asked why he was voting "NO" on a resolution to notify residents in a timely manner, should the County Health Department detect the possibility of an underground chemical leak finding its way to your drinking water, he said:

"That would amount to a Nanny State."

(The County is currently being sued by the Erin Brockovitch group for this very reason.)


When Supervisor Smith made a statement about Indian Gaming in Rohnert Park:

"The Board Of Supervisors cannot be bought."

Forestville Citizens for Sensible Growth had a long eye-roll to that comment. Why on earth would the supes continually vote against Forestville citizen's safety if they weren't getting paid off?

And yet again, the Press Democrat refused to even talk to anyone living in Forestville. Bring on your Supervisor Recall, Rohnert Park!


You have reached the Sonoma County Board Of Supervisors Official Game Page!

A Brief Introduction:

Six years ago I began getting sick, neither me nor my Doc knew why. Then a neighbor discovered some important information. It cost her $20.00 to get Sonoma County Health Department paperwork, which documented an Underground Diesel leak at Blue Rock Quarry, located about 800 feet from my well, and a few thousand feet from hers.

The leak happened in 1997. County Health did nothing to warn neighbors, and did nothing when a larger corporation bought Blue Rock. In fact, it appears County Health deliberately tried to hide the information from neighbors. Their "notice" was to run a classified ad in a small legal paper that has no circulation anywhere near actual the spill! Only under threat of lawsuit is the new owner, The BoDean Corporation, cleaning up the spill this year, 2003.

At a quarry expansion meeting at the Board Of Supes, I was ready to state my case. But I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

That's when a feeble man stepped up who lives in another area of Sonoma County. He explained to his supervisor (Kelley) that his whole family was sick, that they had called County Health to test their well many times with no results, and asked Kelley for help.

You would think Supervisor Kelley would say something positive for the man to hear. And you'd be wrong. Supervisor Kelley remained mute! And so the feeble man asked again, politely. Kelley continued to remain mute.

That's when Tim Smith, the Head o' The Supes told the feebile man:
"Please step down, your time is up."

"What? You mean you're not going to help? I voted for him!"

The feebile man's mouth dropped open.

"Supervisor Kelley has no obligation to ever talk to anybody, whether they elected him or not!" said Supervisor Smith.

And so: Armed with all the details, it's time to play the Wonderful and copyrighted Sonoma County Board Of Supervisors Game!

Good luck, you're gonna need it!

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