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Most accounts include public webspace. This allows customers to publish personal and business content for the world to see. Through FTP and Shell access, customers can publish, edit, test, and refine their web content either locally on their computers or live on the Internet.

Infrastructure web hosting uses multiple, fully-redundant servers that are configured identically. This provides two primary benefits:

Many hosting providers will store a number of customers' websites on a single server. In the event that a single process ties up that single server's CPU, or a hardware problem (disk failure, power outage, etc.), all sites hosted on that server would be knocked offline. Multiple redundant, load-balanced servers makes a total outage phenomenally unlikely.

Disk Snapshots maintains hourly and nightly "snapshots" of customer web directories. This provides a vital safety net during site updates, allowing a web publisher to quickly and accurately revert a page to a previous state. More information is available in the Snapshot Backups FAQ.

Scripting Environment's web servers provide a number of resources for advanced web programming:


A variety of tools and documents are available to assist in publishing and maintaining a site on the web servers. Please see for more detailed information.

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