Add a link to Greg's Homepage from your own web page

To create a link to Greg's Homepage, first save the following image. If you are using windows right click on the following image, if you are using a mac click and hold on the image, and then click "Save Image As.." and save it to the directory that your web page is in.

[Greg's Homepage]

Next, add the following code to your page:

<a href="" target="_top">
<img src="greghome.gif" width="138" height="82" border="0" alt="[Greg's Homepage]"></a>
Be sure to upload the image along with your page the next time you update.

If your page is just starting out, this will give it some content, and it is also just a nice thing to have. People will think you are cool too because it shows you have good taste. Thanks a lot, and remember you can add a link to your own page from my links page!

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