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Spa Trends Survey Results

In October 2001, SpaEquip Corporate Accounts conducted a Spa Trends Survey to identify the popularity and profitability of various spa equipment and treatments and to learn how spas are coping with this stressful time.  The survey was sent to many Day Spa Association and ISPA members who are the leaders in the spa industry.  The results are in and below is your chance to see what they say you've "Got to Have" and what is a "Passing Fad."

We thank the over 180 individuals who participated in this survey.   You can still participate.  CLICK HERE to enter your responses to this survey.  You will see your results included in the survey as it is updated periodically.


SpaEquip Corporate Accounts plans to conduct this survey again in 6-12 months.  At that time, we will add any emerging trends and track the current trends in spa industry.  Everyone who has participated in this survey will be asked again for their opinions.  As well, we will forward the survey to members of spa associations. If you would like to participate in future surveys CLICK HERE to send us an email.


These are the many destination, resort and day spas, consulting and other related companies who participated in this survey (listed in random order). 
Erica's Day Spa
Amerispa, LLC
The Day Spa Association
The Spa on The Lake
Vineyard Creek Hotel, Spa, & Conference Center
Spa del Sol & Four Seasons Caracas( unfinished)
Sanctuary Spa
Poplar Springs
Atmosphere Design
SPA F.L.A.M. (For Ladies And Men)
Health & Fitness Group Intl.
Natural Resources Spa Consulting
HydroCo USA
The Hills Health and Guest Ranch
Natural Resources Spa Consulting, Inc.
Sylvia Planning and Design
Tamaya Mist Spa, Hyatt Regency
Spa Camp, Inc.
Ventana Inn and Spa
Soulscape Salon, Spa, & Tanning Studio
LaRay's Day Spa
Canyon Ranch
JGL Inc. Spa Consulting
The Stress Busters' Health & Wellness Center
Oasis Consulting
Health&Fitness Institute
Premier facial plastic surgery
Elysium Spa
The Lodge at Skylonda
Auberge Resorts
Avicenn Spine & Joint Institute
Lassthetic Salon and Spa
Aphrodite Spa
Bodyspa - Day Spa And Wellness Center
European Wellness Center, Ltd
The Spa at St. Tropez
Ultimate Skin
The Crossings Wellness Spa
The Spa at Marriott's Harbor Beach
The Greenbrier Spa
Mobile Massage Works
Natural Resources Spa Consulting Inc.
Wheaton Sport Center Spa
Escape for a Day Spa
Pure Reflection Spa for Wellness
Ultra Spa (10 locations) Sandals & Beaches Resorts Intnl.
Wintergarden Spa
Strong House Spa
The Spa at Silverado
The Grand Floridian Spa & Health Club @ Disneyworld
St. Regis Aspen
A Touch of Health
Sonoran Spa and Fitness
Polo Club
Bodega Bay Lodge & spa
Spa  Nordstrom day spa
Red Mountain Spa
Ponte Vedra Inn & club
Aspen Club & Spa
Aveda Corporation
Mandarin Oriental
Spa Sydell
The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Half Moon Bay
Moonlight Spa
Sol Day Spa
Ten Thousand Waves, Japanese Health Spa
AvantGard Day Spa
Five Seasons Day Spa
The Spa at The Hotel Hershey
D. Lauati Salon and Day Spa
Aesthetic Dimensions
Gauthier Total Image Spa (2 responses)
Yibreen International Ltd
Bodyjoys Day Spa & Salon
Golden Door Spa at The Boulders Resort
Pmni Tucson National
Nefertiti Spa
L'Espace Yon-Ka Paris
The Woodhouse Day Spa (2 responses)
Hyatt Hotels and Spas
Daired's Spa Pangea
Country Club de Villa
Spa at Norwich Inn
It's Only Natural (2 responses)
The Sandhill Spa
The Greenhouse
Sunset Beach
Gloria Harmon & Associates
Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa
The Spa at The Inn at Bay Harbor
Spa One
Charleston Place Hotel (Orient Express co.)
The Health Spa at Meadowood Napa Valley
Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa
The Spa at West End
Gurney's Inn
Salon & Spa Consultants
Adam Broderick Salon and Spa
Turnberry Isle Resort
Oaks At Ojai/Palms at Palms Springs
Magazine: Salon Today
Nata European Day Spa
Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa
Allegria Spa
Asian Health
Spass Consulting
Serenity The Rejuvenating Day Spa Inc
Spa Struck
Bodicures Ltd.
Betty's Bath & Day Spa,
A-DEVA Day Spa
The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park
ESPA International
Venus Spa @ CuisinArt Resort & Spa
Diplomat Country Club and Spa
Princess Cruises
Spa de LaCour
Spa Gregories
St. Regis Hotel & Spa
WTS International
Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa
Barton Creek Resort & Spa
Canyon Ranch Health Resorts
Sanctuary Spa & Salon
Casa del Mar Spa
Diplomat Country Club & Spa
JAMU Asian Spa Rituals
Davida Salon & Spa
Four Seasons Resort & Spa
Sanctuary Day Spa
Spa at Pebble Beach
Rose Pond Day Spa
Bliss, SUNDARI Spa
Intermezzo Day Spa
Serenity Spa

Here is a listing of the job titles or positions our participants hold:

Response to: "What is your best selling Massage Service?"

Other best selling Massage treatments included:

Massage with the feet only using a balance bar for the technician
Thai Massage
Sports Massage
Water Massage
Couple's Treatments

Response to: "What is your best selling Facial Service?"

Other best selling Facial treatments included:

Dead Sea Mud
Dosha specific with raw products
Customized to each customer

Response to: "What types of skincare equipment do you use?"

Response to: "What is your best selling Body Treatment?"

Other best selling Body treatments included:

Mango Sugar Glow
Chamomile Scrub
Pumpkin Body Peel
Vitality Vitamin Wrap
Rose Body Wrap
Hydra Quench
Have Lava
Sea and Flowers Scrub
Bride's veil (honey, sugar, lemon wrap)

Response to: "What is your best selling water therapy treatment?"

Other best selling Water treatments included:

Whipped Cocoa Bath
Sulphur Water Soak
Spa Kurs
Water Massage with Handheld Hose
Asian Baths
Soaking Baths with Signature shower.

Response to:  Did we miss it? If you said, "Other, it's not on this list" on any of the last 5 questions ... please state you best selling treatment here:

Facials, Anti-aging
In Venezuela the "Bride's Veil" treatment is very popular... exfoliation with honey, sugar and lemon juice, then a mud wrap and finally an aromatherapy massage for beautiful soft skin for the honeymoon...
HydroQuench Body Treatment  It could be considered a glow - but it does not use mechanical exfoliation - it is a "cream" treatment.
Signature Rosehip Facial
Spa sampler
Custom treatments; Mango Sugar Glow. 
Watsu is our best selling and only water treatment.
Myofacial release, steam/sauna treatments
We offer a custom designed massage.  It is based on Swedish style massage however aromatherapy, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, use of two or three hot stones, oriental style massage (Amma & Shiatsu) etc... may be incorporated depending on therapists evaluation and/or client's individual requests.
The Greenbrier soak in sulphur water, steam, scotch spray and swiss shower, followed by a 30 or 50 minute massage
Dead Sea Mud Facial
Wet steam, then hands on water with wet treatments
Massage Medley -- this employs a mix of modalities, customized to the guest's preference by the massage therapist.
Using a regular water wand and wet treatment table, our Chamomile Scrub is our best selling water treatment.
Self-Renewal Face and Body Treatment
Pumpkin Body Peel
55- minute rejuvenating facial and 85-minute Indo-Asian
Collagen Facial
Deep Cleansing Facial
Water Therapy ... Whipped Cocoa Bath done in a whirlpool soaking tub
Deep Tissue Massage
Scrubs with Vichy shower.
European seaweed body mask. (Based on the traditions of European thalassotherapy. It helps to relieve stress and invigorate sore, stiff muscles.) and
Colon Irrigation with wheat grass juice implant
Shirodarah Scalp and Vitality Vitamin Wrap
Four Layer Facial
Rose Body Wrap
Luxury Facial
Aromatherapy facial
Signature Spa Treatments
Our best selling body treatments are when the guest just books out time and then the treatment is completely designed by the therapist to personally suit the guest.   
Anti-aging facial
Champagne Facial
Best selling facial is a customized facial...booked by the hour & add-on charges for specialized masks
Spa Treatments at Homes: JAMU Massage, Thai Massage, Javanese Lulur, Asian Baths, Java Lava, Sea & Flowers Scrub, Bali Spice Scrub, Balinese Facials, Asian Foot Wash
Best selling water treatment includes a soak tub and signature shower
Fusion Massage: a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic and Thai, along with aspects of polarity, reiki and yoga.  Offered at 60 and 90 minutes, 2-handed and 4-handed.
Neem Facial: a customized (dosha-specific) treatment, incorporating raw ingredients (herbs, botanicals and essential oils) and SUNDARI skincare.  This is a multi-layered treatment that includes hand-blended massage oil, scrub, 2 masks, along with a tremendous amount of massage and a hiar and scalp treamtent.
Amalaki Body Scrub: hand-milled almonds and amalaki (a combination of dried Indian fruits, that are rich in anti-oxidants) provide the base of a full-body exoliation that includes a Vichy Shower treatment.

Response to: "What is important to you when buying spa related equipment?"

Response to:  Rate the following types of equipment...

(Please note: The yellow line does not indicate a trend over time but rather should be viewed as a "tipping of the scale" towards the GOT TO HAVE IT or PASSING FAD side.)

Response to:  Name how spa equipment may have had a POSITIVE EFFECT on your client's experience:

Even though I don't have a hydrotherapy tub, I have referred my clients to one at another day spa in town and they love it. They love the variety of treatments available with the tub.
Best for relaxation is the rotary brush, best for aid in a facial is the steam unit.
Vichy Showers... they are very relaxing, totally pampering and beats having to get up from the massage table full of mud etc. to rub yourself clean in the shower.
Hydrotherapy tub for its effectiveness in feeling and results
I like to use the High Frequency but only when needed - not every client needs it.
I think the SoftPak is the best experience for the guest.  The thermal electric blanket is also great as a less expensive resource.
Hydrotherapy tub is kind of a novel thing, alot of spas don't have them so guests find it different and relaxing.  Paraffin foot bath because of softening results on skin.
Lucas Championniere Atomizer: it adds a unique feel to our facials and is super hydrating, which is very important to our clients in our desert setting.
On hands the best - clients need more touch experience instead of machines. clients are missing out on the affection!
Custom designed co-ed hydrotherapy pools--fun and unique
Woods lamp because it enhances the consultation with a visual
By far the steam unit. it relaxes the clients, warms them, and helps a lot of them with sinus problems. and my acne and deep pore clients love it because it makes extractions painless.
Hot Cabbies in all rooms, Facial/massage tables and Hot Stone Roasters
Ultra Sonic Treatment they work and bring great results
The steam capsules are a big favorite with people with sore backs, and any sports injuries. Also the O2 bars are popular with everyone.
Full Function Skin Care Machine during facials.  Sets us above what client has previously experienced.  Most other Day Spa's in our area do not have any equipment.
Client's comment on our comfortable large roomy massage tables and facial beds.  Technicians are also very pleased with these products.
Personal steam unit used prior to body treatments allows for privacy for the guest and allows provider time for set up and preparation.
Our guests seem to truly appreciate the hands on approach and not so much diverse equipment.
The shower; after the mud wrap or salt glow my clients can wash off quickly and resume treatment with little interruption.
Soft Pak system
The steamer for facials because of the "feel good" aspects, Our Pedicure chair that does everything but pay your bills for you and last but not least the Microdermabrasion machine because it does more for the clients skin than ever before.
Microdermabrasion because it gives instant results on the first treatment and spectacular results after a full series.
Aromatherapy diffusers...... first impressions are lasting ones.... and their sense of smell is positively affected the minute they enter the spa..... they ALWAYS comment on this, and request information on how to duplicate this at home.
The other important piece of equipment would be my Therapist's hands!!...... always the highlight of any service.... and they rarely break down!!!
Electric tables and pregnancy options because of the convenience and comfort for the client
Hydraulic massage tables, Manicure/Pedicure Chairs, Facial Equipment
The pedicure throne has been very popular.
The Vichy shower
Heating blanket for absorption of kelp and mud is very nurturing.
Vac/Spray and wood Lamp unit( skin scanner). The Vac/Spray which is much more pleasant, as oppose to manual extraction.  Also, a full manual extraction like we did in the past is not what customer expect of a spa experience.  I like also the skin scanner where the client can actually see their skin as we consult with the specific needs of our clients.
Steam tent...few spas offer it ..clients prefer it to plastic sheets. Also microdermabrasion because clients see an immediate result. Also the skin scope really helps sell microdermabrasion
Hydrotherm offers a positive guest experience: warm, cushioned, nurturing comfort
A towel warmer - keeps temperature even, and guest cozy.  Also the oil warmer and heated blanket.
The Vichy shower because guests love the way it feels on their body. 
Vichy Shower- We are the only Spa in the area that has one.
Vichy shower.  Everyone loves it and it is in many cases the first time for most of our guests.  The NEVER forget once they've had it!
We're pretty basic. A comforatble face cradle and quiet, smoothly-working table mechanism. Strong jets in the Hot Tubs.
Hydraulic Massage tables
We do not use the standard equipment.  We do, however, use specialized products and services for great skin care.
Hydraulic lift massage tables offer flexibility for the therapist to perform a service in any room at a moments notice
most spa equipment noted above is expected in a resort spa
Oxygen tank and microdermabrasion machine--both provide immediate, noticeable improvement in appearance of skin (healthy glow)
People/staff have more impact on clients than equipment
Vichy shower- People love the feeling of relaxing on a table and having someone else cleanse there body.  The combination of warm water and the scrub make a wonderful experience.
Steam with facials also wet treatments done in a dry room.
Multiple pieces of equipment including electric tables, swiss showers, hydro tubs, etc
Really our guests love our Hyrdotherapy rooms (Hydro-Tub room, Vichy room & Swiss Shower area). We also get great reviews about our couple's massage room with a fireplace and our couples, private pedicure room.
Steam Canopy with Vichy (We are a health clinic that offers this service, not necessarily classified as a "spa" of sorts.)
I'm generalizing here as I have several clients.  Seems that microdermabrasion is generating business for my clients.  Also laser hair removal is heating up.  Clients partner with a certified doctor to do the treatments.
Facial Tables, Massage Tables and new Pedi Thrones.
Hydrotherapy tub and Vichy--they are a tougher seller but so content.
Hydraulic Beds and Pedicure Spa.  They help our Seniors get on/off bed easily.  The same is true for getting in and out of the pedicure spa.  Residents like the ease and feel.
Vichy shower, therapeutic effect, relaxing, new experience for most of the people.
Our complimentary steam rooms in locker areas, our foot spa in pedicure area, hydraulic beds in treatment rooms, hot towel cabis for treatment rooms.
Portable tables for roof top beach massages, we just bought 2 hydro tubs to add more deluxe services.
Electric massage tables - ease of change of room therapist, and very accommodating for clients.
Human Touch - people need the reassurance of hands and confidence.  The power of human touch is awesome.  Clients love it.
We have shiatsu massage chairs in our waiting area. Guests love it.  Hydro tub and Vichy shower as well as a signature shower.
The Vichy shower adds a new dimension to body treatments and is a unique experience for many guests.
The uni-pack and spa hot cabby and the heated blankets for herbal wraps. They are so popular because it adds a sense of comfort for guests during their treatments.
The warm pulsating water of the Vichy shower make our scrub treatments wonderful.
The hydrotherapy tub is an integral part of our Kur treatments. 
Guests love the footbath and heat/massage elements of our pedicure chairs.
Chromapunctor and Biodraineur for state of the art treatments also The hydrotherapy tub for the utmost comfort and pleasure in Balneo.
I do believe it is important to be knowledgeable about all the latest equipment and incorporate it into a menu & spa if that is the spa's philosophy - if it is more naturopathic, hands on ... organic then a more holistic approach is in order.
Steam canopy--it's a refreshing treatment.
Hydraulic Tables because we can adjust the height of the client during the treatment to get the best leverage for the specific area being worked.
Hydrotubs, quality skin care units, and multipurpose electronic beds.
Herbal linens and hot stones.  The concept of time so that we are able to tailor treatments to the clients.
Hot towel cabinets and heated blankets as they enhance the treatment and allow the guest to have a warm and pleasant experience.
Our Hydrotub, because of the many jets and the programs.
We only use one type of equipment.  It is high frequency.
Steamer/hi-frequency/micro-dermabrasion/celulite/paraffin All are treatments that have instant visual or sensory results.
Steam room, Massage Chair - nice amenities which set us apart.
We only use equipment when specific to a product houses treatment which has a positive impact on the experience as it makes it different, special and this is the reason that the guests book the treatment in the first place.
Electric massage tables allows for the therapist, regardless of size, to get a better vantage point while massaging the guest. Also, the use of high grade eucalyptus oil injection into the steam room allows for higher levels of relaxation and the clearing of the respiratory passages. The use of hot towel cabinets in each massage room has added to the positive experience for our guests.
SoftPack system... because it's such a unique feeling
Everyone loves the Vichy Shower w/ body treatments
Lymphobiology - drainage, chromapuncteur - elasticity, Biostimulateur, Softpack System -relaxation, skin moisturing & detox. Hydrotherapy Tub - relaxation, contouring, sports relief, lymph drainage, Swiss shower - stimulation, Vichy shower - relaxation, stimulation, Soaking tubs w/out jets
Vichy shower-they love anything that's warm!!
The Pedi spa chairs for manicure and pedicure. Because it gives them the chance to relax and almost go to sleep while they have their pedicure or manicure
Vichy Shower, Hydraulic Tables, and Hydro Tub
Healing Hands & Hearts, Very well educated therapists, and unique spa products.
Comfortable massage tables
Soft wrap tables, hot caddies in the rooms, Vichy showers, hydraulic tables, hydraulic facial tables.
Lap Pool........pre or post treatment,guests love it!
The basics...good quality facial steamers and hot towel cabinet, comfortable treatment should be reliable and relatively easy to use, so their benefits are maximized

Response to:  Name how spa equipment may have had a NEGATIVE EFFECT on your client's experience:

I have referred my clients to have Vichy shower treatments at other day spas in town, and they have come back very negative about those services over and over. After surveying what happen, I have determined it was a poor service due to poor training.
Many guests tell horror stories about the vac/spray unit.
Hydrotherapy tubs... not popular here as people can be very squeamish about getting in a tub that's not in your own house.
I do not advocate the use of the vac-spray.  (The vacuum can cause capillary damage if used improperly.)
Vichy showers and Swiss showers.  The temperature setting and consistency is always a challenge.  Not to mention guests body temp (chilled) after the service.
Hydro tub has caused some problems with people trying to get out , especially large people Also, sometimes a little overcome by heat, etc.
Soft paks and Hydrotherapy tubs that are not used properly by the tech because of lack of training from spa management and ownership.
Vichy shower: poor design of unit and room, also lack of understanding from a client perspective as well as a proprietor perspective.
Equipment that is too noisy, use hands on but have machines. too impersonal!
Hydrotherapy equipment that looks too clinical and does not feel  'vacation-oriented'--has been a turn-off for some guests and owners.
Endermologie- too hit or miss.
Steam rooms that don't work consistently.  Very frustrating for guests.
Swiss shower -- too weak.  Scotch hose -- too weak as well.
Clients state that they love all of the equipment that we have.  They can't believe that we have so much equipment and offer so many services in our rural area.  They state that these things are not available in cities close to them (defined as a 200 mile radius).
I tried to save money and made the mistake of purchasing cheap multi function facial equipment which was always breaking down.  This was very frustrating and in the long run cost more because of the downtime, since machine was always being repaired and company did not offer a loaner.  Also was an embarrassment to me for staff and clients to see this.
Vichy shower.  Difficult to regulate temperature and keep guest warm
I would like to think that my clients have not had an opportunity to have a negative experience, however the Stone Massage never went over real big. They all went back to deep tissue or Swedish.
The crystal based microdermabrasion machine.  It was gritty, clogged a lot, and results were inconsistent.
Hydrotherapy tub, and steam room are constantly breaking down in all properties..... and can be very disappointing to the guests.
We are a therapeutic facility with very little extra equipment, we are mostly hands on.
Jacuzzi Tub, Hydrotherapy tub; mostly because they do not understand it's use, or because it is the wrong size for very large or very small guests.
None really except we have chosen to not offer high frequency because of noise issue and we can really achieve similar results with specific products( soothing and disinfecting)
Galvanic.  Takes to long to be profitable.   Estheticians and clients do not always feel comfortable with it.  Woods lamp... not really necessary.
Facial Machines:  When they malfunction and are not made well and break-down frequently cause a challenge to the esthetician as well as the guest.
Steam generator - not a good steam producer - too much water in the steam so it's too wet.
Electric equipment that has had technical difficulties.
We have had negative input because we do not have the micro-current equipment for facials.
Standard tubs many guests are too short for the standard whirlpool tub We had to find a footrest for these people. I am not referring to a hydrotherapy tub in this case.
Expensive equipment.  Customers love hands on treatments with creative combinations.
Vichy- because of the demographical location of my spa (busy people + mostly cold 70% of the year).
Sound of the pedicure thrones and poor ventilation around nail area.
Wet table that is unstable and difficult to get onto also loud hydro tubs are not pleasing to anyone
Pedicure chairs due to noise.
Back wash bowls are not designed for the Senior population.  The chair is to low and people have a hard time putting their head back especially if they have curvature of the spine.
Never have used our hydrocollators - maybe we don't know how to use them, but they have not been used.
Old hydro tubs always breaking down having to tell guests we can't provide service
Steamers that break and spritz on clients - negative for obvious reasons!
Vichy Shower - Did not produce a feeling of relaxation as much as the hydro does.
The Vichy shower in the first spa I developed never paid for itself, so I wasn't happy about the investment, but the clients thought it was "ok"
Vichy shower, delivery can be cold on first contact.
Hot Oil warmers - take too long to heat up the oil. As we use different oils to suit the guest.
Sound of steamer turning off
Hydrotherapy Tub - no perceived value.
A leaking Vichy shower or facial steamer because no one likes drips!
Hydraulic tables have gotten stuck on us about 8 times and outside people have had to come in to fix.
Broken down facial equipment
Hydrotherapy tub is totally underutilized
Without the knowledge of proper installation and usage, the Vichy Shower is rather useless.  Also hydrotherapy tubs need to be accompanied by an active hands-on treatment protocol, otherwise their effectiveness/value is questionable.


Response to:  Name your most profitable treatment...

Deluxe facials, Stone Massage, Waxing
Couple's massages
Massage (19 responses with exact match)
Facials  (6 responses with exact match)
AntiOxidant Therapy treatments.  (Similar to Vitamin C facial - but ONLY sold in series with a take home regimen of products as part of the treatment)
Swedish Massage are still the best.  Tried and true, nothing tops the traditional.
Hydrotherapy, Wet Room Treatments
Rosehip Wraps and Facials
Body glow, herbal wraps, and dry brushing
Spa sampler, a head to toe group experience done fully clothed - team building
Waxing, manicures, pedicures, spa parties
Massage and facial
Deep Tissue and Injury Rehab Massage and Bodywork
Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, oxygen facials
Glycolic facial series, diamond lift facials and body treatments.
Classic Oil Massage
Ultra sonic treatment
The oxygen bars, portable oxygen bars
Facials, body wraps & hydrotherapy treatments
Skin care facials, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal
Body treatments
Mud wraps/ Full body massage/ exfoliating salt glows
Massages still the traditional tried and true
Massage, Hair Color
Microdermabasion, waxing, make-overs because of resulting cosmetic sales.
Laser Hair Removal
1)  Massage 2)  Facial
Massage therapies, hair braiding
Salt Glows, Hot Stone, all other massage
Swedish Massage, Instructional Massage, Manicure/Pedicure, Aromatherapy Baths
Hair and Nails
Oxygen Facial
Luxury 90 min facial,  yogurt body wrap w. steam & massage
Red Rock Therapy and Red Mountain Revitalizer
Cellabrasion epidermal renewal system    Hot Stone Massage
Therapeutic Massage (muscle specific/deep tissue)
The Hydrotherm Massage
Spa pedicure, personal training, hydrotherapy and massage
Aromatherapy Oil Wrap
Masters massage, Indo-Asian spa treatment, Hot Stone massage
Any Skin Care treatment because of retail involved
Hair removal,  Microdermabrasion,  Body Treatments, and Facials
Deep Tissue Massage,    CVS Lift facial
Microdermabrasion, Oxygen Facials, Waxing, Hair Coloring
Oxygen Facials
Glycolic Acid Treatment/facial
Hair Color/Chemical Services
Nefertit Signature Body Treatment (It will help to achieve the lasting inch loss, recondition and firm the skin, treat the cellulite and contour the figure)
Hot Stone Therapy, Massage
Massage is most profitable followed by Scrubs and then Facials
Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Massages, Body Gym
Massage by Independent Contractors
Facials are most profitable is staff is properly trained to sell retail
Sea Spa Pedicure, Therapeutic Massage
Hot Stone with Shea Butter, Facials
Hair Styling
In room massage, Ayurvedic Services
Live cell facial, moor mud pedicure, apricot body polish
MoorMud Bath, Salt Glow, Any massage
Body treatments
Waxings, Microdermabrasion,
Signature Treatments & massage
Enhanced European Facials (with added treatment), Deep tissue or hot stone massage.
Massage treatments will always lead the list on popularity and profitability.
Chroma Face Lift and and Tao Massage
Seaweed Body treatment
Massage since there is little product costs
Microdermabrasion (2 responses)
Rejuvenation package=30 minute wrap, 60 massage, 30 salt glow
Waxing, massage
Hairstyling, skin care
Personal training and time
Ayurvedic Treatments
Swedish Massage
Massage Therapy
Massage, Massage, and Massage
Champagne Facial & River Rock Therapy
Facial treatments (all types)
Watsu, Deep Tissue, Classic European Facial
Facials and Hair Care
Massage, scrubs, hydros, mani's & pedi's, Stone massage, Stone Pedi, & Stone Facial, Chromobiolift facial
Waxing & salt glows
All type of massages including the aromatherapy massage and the shiatsu
Swedish Massage, Deep Cleansing Facial, Chamomile Scrub
Massage, water treatments using non therapist staff

Response to:  Rate the following types of treatments...

(Remember: The yellow line does not indicate a trend over time but rather should be viewed as a "tipping of the scale" towards the GOT TO HAVE IT or PASSING FAD side.)


Response to:  In light of the tragic events of Sept. 11th, tell us what (if any) additions or changes you've made to your menu and why...

I had a Feng Shui Consultation done on my spa in order to make it more peaceful and balanced, since I feel my clients are going to want a more safe and restful place to come to.
More pampering more subdued
More focus on the serenity and peaceful overall feeling inside the spa, and on stress release treatments.  Also important to give more training to the staff to be there to listen to whatever the client needs to talk about.
My spa is located in NYC and we have re-focused our efforts accordingly.  Clients now, more than ever, need relaxation and comfort.
I feel that stress reduction is becoming more important than ever before.  The trend will be focused on healing even more than the past year, beauty will continue to be a "side-line" benefit of spa-ing. 
Marketing has been retargeted to regional.
For our clients that have been loyal we give discounts. And since most of these people work in the hospitality, real estate, and airline industry these price breaks allow them to keep up their treatments. we also added an armed forces discount of 20%. A lot of the women and some of the men who have to watch their loved ones go off to battle are really taking advantage of the more relaxing spa service. Some spouses have even brought products to send to their loved ones abroad.
No menu changes; however, we have changed the positioning of our resort.  For example, instead of focusing on the resort being the perfect place to pamper yourself and de-stress, we are focusing on it as being the perfect place to revisit spirituality issues and reconnect with nature.  Also, it is a small and safe place to be.
Advertise stress reducing services - Massage
Maximized our stress relieve treatments, soft music, etc
No new services added. However, I am trying to start a support group for Mother's of Active Duty Service Personnel.  I plan to have them  meet in our multi-purpose room at our Day Spa.  Plan to arrange for speakers and discounts on Stress Reduction  Services. 
We are offering a promotion to help the widows of the firefighters.  Choose from a selection of packages and 10% will be donated to the heroes of New York. As we help everyone relax from all the sadness and stress we will help the widows at the same time. 
None, we continue to offer services for pampering and relaxation.
We have just started an a campaign stressing the importance of de-stressing during these unpredictable times.
Offering a donation for each bottle of OPI's New York City Collection (last year's fall colors) to disaster relief.
Our business has increased because of the need for a safe and restorative environment, so no changes needed.
No changes to menu, only emphasis on reduction of unnatural stress, communication with therapists that NOW is the time when we can make a huge difference in people's life's.  This is what we do best! 
We have not made any changes or additions to our menu.  We are trying to provide great services in the same consistent way as before the attack.
We have not made any change to our menu's but had  counter sign made and phone campaign offering special  anti-stress and relaxing treatment and products at special prices.
We added an All American facial and donate money to the red cross for every facial purchased
Our business has actually increased, we find people are traveling less and spending more close to home.  Our Spa is open to the public and does not rely on hotel business alone.
We donated treatments/massage to our NY Heroes that needed nurturing.
Also--donated money from product sales to organizations to directly benefit the victims of the New York tragedy.
We've given special rates on most popular services for guests.
We are giving a local % discount on all services, because the phones have stopped ringing.
Based on our location (an easy 3 hr drive from NYC), we will be adding a Stress Relief package targeted for these guests
We intended to raise some of our prices (for the first time in 3 years) but cannot do so because of worsening economic conditions.
Stress reduction
People seem to purchase the general "maintenance" services more often than the specialty, faddish ones. 
We have made a special package in the hotel "Raise your spirits package"  Just for the month of October to bring in guest. Great room rate 50% off Massage or facial (50 minutes) any 25 minute treatment great rate- 40% off Restaurants-  Apple pie given to each guest Flags- given to guest.
Offering different services at extended pricing (I.e. - an after "5" Massage that includes a stress reduction therapy and dinner from our Cafe'  Also allowing our loyal clients of several years to have accounts where payments can be on hold.
Retreat weekend schedule once a month, highlighting the whole family, teen treatments
Just makes it easier to champion our vision and mission and for others to share in it.
We haven't added anything, however, massage visits are up.
More energy work and more healing circle classes since we're getting plenty of people that need healing since we're a 2 1/2 hr. drive from the city
We have put a message on hold applauding the benefits of massage and how this service can help reduce stress - especially in light of how present world of affairs.
We've always been in the business of caring for people and did not do anything different or trendy as a reaction to the terrorist attacks.
None as of yet, but planning a new anti-stress service.
We are developing a package which will generate revenue for the Sept 11 fund.  Also, we are selling lots of 'Americana' items and all profits go to Sept. 11
We are offering discounts to our local guests to stimulate local business
More meditation and hiking have been added. Alos added seminar on stress and healing
Made price reductions to get clients back in.
Reduced prices to customers.
More stress busters in the service names. Combined treatments for longer packages.
I think that spas should focus on the nurturing escape they can provide their clientele.  Think of the role of movies during WW2.  Rather than beauty-oriented services, there is a demand for relaxing/stress-reducing services-especially massage therapy.

Response to:  Did we miss any new ideas or trends? Please list any emerging trends below...

We are using a makeup artist to come in and do special promotions for us during the year.
Anti-Aging & Medicinal treatments
In California there's a new law that says merchants cannot differ pricing between men's and women's services (dry cleaners are targeted on this one for men's vs women's cleaning and pressing of button down shirts).  That means a men's manicure costs the same as a women's unless we call it something else (manicure without polish, etc.).  Just an FYI!
It was difficult to respond to some of the questions above, since some of the ideas or trends are appropriate for certain areas and some are not.  Such as microdermabrasion.  I would place this in an area where it's local clientele, vs. an exotic location, where it is likely to be supported primarily by guests staying no longer than a week.  Also, some of the suggestions such as Ayurvedic treatments may be a "Got to have it, it's in" yet in the same token it is definitely a passing fad and may not hold on for a great length of time.  Emerging trends, just as in the "new hem line" in fashion will be to repeat what has been approached in times past.  Spas will focus greater awareness on healing and health, especially with the projected reduced expenditure on luxury. 
Use of food products in spa application both internally and externally, products and services for men in spa.
No, misses, but all ratings really depend on the spa theme, size, location, target market. Each spa has to make smart decisions on equipment not based on what the Jones' are doing, but what their customers WANT.
The real importance is the staff.  Gimmicks are out.  People want great massages.  Thai is very important.
Guests are beginning to question the value of some of the spa treatments. There is a greater demand for genuine treatments with real, discernable results, and on experiences which truly relax and renew:  meditation, guided relaxation, more integrated forms of exercise such as yoga, tai chi, qigong, etc.  Moving away from "theme park" style treatments and decor, towards a more effective, authentic experience.
Flower Essences
I think Oxygen Bars are very important.
Very important to have staff that believes in the business they work for and willing to stay long term to create a relationship with clients and staff.
Wellness programs
We offer Reiki. 
I would like to say... some of the items in which I checked not very important I did so for lack of better words.  I do not necessarily believe these things are not very important, just not as requested by our clients, therefore not as important to the financial success of our business. However, I have traveled to many different types of spas and have enjoyed many of the listed services and believe they all have importance depending on the type of facility and the client's expectations. 
As a spa owner I'm really not interested in offering any fad treatments or therapies,  I prefer to offer tried and true wellness mind and body therapies that will continue to give my clients the skills and peace required  to balance their lives.
Many of the items I checked we are currently doing and have been for some time. We do primarily injury and chronic pain so we believe in hands on therapies. We are looking into cellulite therapy and a new pedicure station.
Steam Tent that fits on top of the massage table
Machinery trends:  hands on versus hands off treatments, more natural products, more multi-result/express treatment
It's hard to answer on the hydrotherapy, it's really only beneficial with sea water or mineral water - so a scotch hose, Swiss shower, Vichy shower etc. can be very important - if you use sea water.
We've been in business for more than 20 years. Recently, we've noticed that the spa-goer is more educated to the spa experience and expectations have risen.
Micro-current is not a new trend, however, I feel it is necessary for non-surgical face lift care services.  This current is the same frequency as the human body and reacts positively.
Bio-electric facial rejuvenation.
Your questions are great.  Thanks for asking.
Teeth Whitening.
Not emerging, but still important: Aromatherapy. Foot bathes before standard massage, customizing massage oils or slat glows to client tastes
We have started an internship program.  We offer a chance for those that are currently in school for their training and license to come to our spa for a 3 month structured internship and get hands on experience assisting therapists in every department with everything from asking current therapists questions, breaking down rooms, assisting clients when they arrive, etc.. and most importantly the aspect of teamwork needed to run a solid spa operation.  We hold 1 hour classes with our department leads on Friday nights and go over topics such as time management with clients and services, how to greet and receive your client, service ethics, State rules and regulations, Sanitation laws and spa rules as well as specific topics per area of study (massage student learn about body treatments etc..)  It has really helped us teach students what they don't learn in school and what they can only receive by experiencing the environment firsthand.  It has also given us qualified, loyal employees from day one after they have received their licenses.
I'm relying on you to inform us about emerging trends
Fitness Age Assessments
As a destination, our health, fitness and wellness programming is equally as important as services. We offer ourselves as a resource, not just providers of a service.
Combining treatments for more deluxe services-people seemed to like the combo treatments that last 2 hours
Multiple services being performed at the same time. 
Lifestyle Tracks - developed for an individual according to their goals and time frame.
Themed services are very big.
All energy work.
Sound therapy and Computer software for personalization of therapies such as aromatherapy
3-5 element therapies
The concept of time where clients book in a minimum of 2 hours so we can tailor treatments to them.
Massage done with feet only, bars overhead on the ceiling and fee do the massage.
Vitamin C treatments
Yoga, Herbology
Not many Alternative therapies mentioned although not new but very important area of a spa.
Medical and the growing overlap between beauty and the medical profession
Thai massage is very "in" and will probably stay IN. Sports massage in the spa has always been a winner on the table or in the hydro tub with product. How about the expensive investment of the mud therapy room like a Rasul?
Asian Spa Treatments
Thai massage
I'm a firm believer in bringing the entire spa experience back to its most important elements: effective treatments, superlative service and a relaxing physical environment.  Instead of the latest products and equipment, I feel that a nurturing and well-trained staff are the most important variables of a successful spa.
Fresh Aloe Treatments are hot.


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