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Accelerated Certification Courses for the Whole World

This page is for those of you who live far away from where our classes are held. Click here if you live in northern California.

Thank you for your interest in our world leading Hypnotherapy Certification courses. Our accelerated trainings are designed for persons like you who do not live in our area. The format is 50 hours of instruction per week. People come to these programs each semester from many states and countries.

Our accelerated intensive beginning August 6 is filling fast. See our Course Schedule for the exact dates of this intensive.

If you are interested in this program, we recommend you make your reservation soon to guarantee your place.

Our next accelerated program will begin March 4, 2017, as detailed on our website. If you want to join this program, we recommend you sign up well in advance to ensure your place. Our accelerated classes can fill far in advance, and we have had to turn away many prospective students from full courses.

You are welcome to take just a portion of any available program, so you can join even if you can just fit the first one or two levels into your schedule. Your options include to use our secure sign-up page, or reserve your place by phone or mail, or contact us by email. Note that there is no sales tax on tuition in California.

A leading hypnotheapy school for 38 years, we have taught thousands of graduates from 50 countries including many leaders in the field. We are continuing to break new ground with innovative teaching and therapy methods.

HTI has various major approvals, including for internationally valid Certification by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, the original and primary Hypnotherapy Certification agency with 9500 members.

An aspect of his outstanding leadership in the field, HTI founder and lead instructor Randal Churchill was the first A.C.H.E. President and completed his most recent term in 2012. He is the author of leading books in the field.


Our other primary instructor, Cheryl Canfield, is author of the award-winning book Profound Healing, receiving rave reviews from Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Joseph Chilton Pearce and Gerald Jampolsky.

San Francisco is one of the easiest cities in the world to fly to. With three international Bay Area airports, it's the most popular tourist destination of any city in the USA. Our classes have been established for 28 years at the Corte Madera Inn, which has a lush five-acre resort-like setting and plenty of free parking. We are a 10-minute drive from the Golden Gate Bridge and have good access by bus from the airports and other Bay Area locations.

You can choose among accommodations that are an easy walk to class, and be sure to review our reasonable accommodations ideas. We are near many popular tourist destinations besides fabulous SF, including National Parks, beautiful beaches, giant redwoods, and the Napa wine country.

Please explore this comprehensive website, and do call or email us if you have any questions; we would enjoy hearing from you. You can reach us at our toll-free phone number, 800-256-6448, which is valid within the US, Canada and Caribbean countries. Outside those areas, call 707-579-9023. We invite you to bookmark our website, which is updated several times a month.

Whether you are seeking hypnotherapy training for a career, as an adjunct to a therapeutic specialty, or for personal growth or research, or whether you are a hypnotherapist seeking to deepen your mastery of the field, we hope you can participate in the priceless learning and growth experience of HTI!

Serving the World

See photos of our classes with students from around the world.

We schedule two accelerated programs (50 class hours per week in class) each year. This course is especially for those from outside of Northern California; and also for local persons who would prefer that format. We are near many popular tourist destinations, including National Parks, beautiful beaches, redwoods and the Napa-Sonoma wine country.

We have had students come to our hypnotism certificate courses from over 45 countries, including Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, the Bahamas and other Caribbean countries, Central and South American countries, many European countries (from Iceland, Norway & Finland to Slovenia, Greece & Romania), Cyprus, African countries (from Egypt to Tanzania to South Africa), Turkey, Israel, Kuwait, the U.A.E., Russia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Guam, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

Within the United States, our graduates have come from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

    "The wide variety of techniques I learned at HTI encouraged and enabled me to develop my own unique style instead of trying to imitate someone else's. I returned to North Carolina with the tools and the confidence to build a successful practice in an area where other hypnotherapists told me it couldn't be done.

    "Randal and the other instructors put heart and soul into every lesson and every demonstration. The seeds they planted three years ago continue to grow within me to this day. My practice is thriving, and practicing hypnotherapy is the most fulfilling work I've ever done.... I feel deeply grateful to be touching other people's lives in such a powerful and lasting way.

    "I'd recommend Hypnotherapy Training Institute's program even to people who have no intention of becoming a hypnotherapist. This program can transform your life. The private sessions I experienced at HTI opened the door for me to begin healing issues I'd had for as long as I can remember. Attending HTI was the best investment of time and money I've ever made. I've attended other hypnotherapy training programs and had hypnosis sessions with hypnotherapists trained by other programs, and HTI is the only hypnotherapy school I recommend. It's simply the best!"

-Priscilla Broussard, CHt
Swannanoa, NC

"Thanks for the wonderful cocoon of love and learning that you created. I so loved immersing myself in it and will be forever grateful for all the knowledge that I gained and how I grew.

"I've never experienced a learning environment that is so able to permeate right to the core of a person in such a pure and wonderful way, and bring out the very best in them, things that they at times, were not even aware were in there. I'll never forget my month with you...two of life's very special people."

-Jacinta Lauren, Certified Hypnotherapist,
Brisbane, Australia

Our classes have been established for 28 years at the lovely Corte Madera Inn, which has a five acre resort-like setting and plenty of free parking.

"It's hard to believe that in the two years since I came to HTI I have gone from not believing in myself to owning a thriving hypnotherapy practice that is becoming accepted in an area not known for "alternative" practices. My wonderful training has served me well in many tight spots, and you can't fully recognize the value of your program until you are out there in the real world doing it....

" I now have several prominent medical doctors including psychiatrists and psychologists referring to me because they are so impressed with what our mutual clients have said about me and my training. I can't thank you enough, and can't wait until I get to see you again. I have since been to hypnotherapy conferences and I now know that I could never get there what I got from your school....

"Please know how much I continue to appreciate both of you.... I have made so many friends for life from my hypnotherapy class, and I just want to let you both know to never underestimate how you change lives.... I love you both."

-Harriet Igel, Certified Hypnotherapist,
Reynoldsburg, OH