Another new comment from a graduate:

"Randal, I have been meaning to write to you for a long time. The session I did with you in front of the class last semester, a day that will stay etched in my mind forever, made a huge positive and permanent change in me. The majority of the anxiety that I lived with all my life went away during that session. My experience of life is so different and so much happier since then. It's amazing how we can live with a feeling that seems so much a part of us but is not the real 'us'. There really are not words to convey what a profound difference this has made. I thank you so much for the work you do and for working with me. I know that having such a great experience first hand has helped me in working with others."

-Molly Kurland, CHt
Santa Rosa, CA
Director Randal Churchill, "The Teacher of the Teachers"™
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HTI's World-Renowned Instructors

Randal Churchill teaches half of each Hypnotherapy Certification Course, and the other instructors of our internationally accliamed staff are chosen with an uncompromising stand for high quality. Comments of former students about their remarkable work are posted under What Our Graduates Are Saying and profiles of their skills and experience are below.

"The Teacher of the Teachers"™

Randal Churchill has trained many of the leaders in the field. For example, a substantial number of our former students have written significant books about hypnotherapy, psychology, counseling and healing. Many have been featured teachers at International Hypnotherapy Conferences. Many of the primary instructors of state-licensed hypnotherapy schools in the United States were trained directly by us, and other instructors have been trained by some of our graduates.

Also, Randal Churchill's cutting edge teaching texts are being used and recommended by many hypnotherapy teachers, psychologists and counselors around the world.

The Hypnotherapy Training Institute has thousands of graduates, the largest alumni of any hypnotherapy school. In addition, we have given advanced training to thousands of hypnotherapists at various schools and International Hypnotherapy Conferences.

Randal Churchill

Randal Churchill is founder of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute, which became one of the first licensed hypnotherapy schools in 1978. He was the first President of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, the original and primary Hypnotherapy Certification organization, and completed his most recent term in 2012. He received his degree in Psychology with Honors from Sonoma State University and has completed over 45,000 hours of exceptional hypnotherapy in a practice that began 48 years ago.

Randal has received international acclaim for his creative and comprehensive therapy and teaching skills. An intuitive, highly supportive therapist, he is originator of Hypnotic Dreamwork™ and has been a pioneering leader for 45 years of Gestalt therapy, regression, advanced ideomotor methods, and the assimilation of various modalities with hypnotherapy.

Randal Churchill's seminal Become the Dream was the first book about combining dreams and hypnotherapy. The 480-page 2nd Edition of his classic text, Regression Hypnotherapy, was released in 2015. Teaching his revolutionary methods in working through underlying issues to overcome the effects of trauma, experts have called it the most important book about regression ever published. Both books have received the Founders Award for Excellence in Professional Literature. His 448-page text, Catharsis in Regression Hypnotherapy, has been published to rave reviews.

Randal has taught at numerous conferences and institutions, including teaching psychiatrists at Napa State Hospital. He is on the Board of Advisors of the Gestalt Institute of Austin and a Lifetime Member of the Association for Humanistic Psychology. The subject of a television documentary about his exceptional work, he has been interviewed by many media sources including the BBC, PBS and Japanese television.

Cheryl Canfield

Cheryl Canfield is an extraordinary instructor with a wide range of expertise. A Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellness Counselor for 23 years, she has taught at many International Hypnotherapy Conferences.

Cheryl's award-winning book Profound Healing, about her inspiring recovery from advanced cancer, is valuable for therapists and others for her deep insights on physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This book has received rave reviews from Joseph Chilton Pearce, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss and Gerald Jampolsky.

Cheryl is the editor of several major hypnotherapy texts and was managing editor of the monthly newsletters of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. She is also co-compiler of Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words, a spiritual classic with over 500,000 copies in print.

Randal Churchill teaches 50% of each program and Cheryl Canfield teaches over 35%. We also get raves about our other instructors, each a hypnotherapy specialist with many years' experience, who add further depth to the classes. They have been carefully selected for their exceptional therapy and communication skills and experience, and sensitivity to class needs. We believe there is no finer hypnotherapy training staff of any orientation anywhere. See What Our Graduates Are Saying for samples of dramatic comments about the remarkable teaching of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute's instructors.

Michael Collins, MD, PhD, CCHt, teaches various subjects related to medical hypnotherapy. Trained in internal medicine, cardiology, psychiatry and addictions psychiatry, the focus of his practice was on behavioral medicine. As he describes is his testimonial in the right column of this page, he became so enthusiastic about hypnotherapy after taking our training that he quit his medical practice to become a full-time hypnotherapist.

Lyn Hilliard Moreno, CCHt, has taught at the Hypnotherapy Training Institute since 1992. He demonstrates his signature Crossroads Therapy and hypnotherapy skills for grief. Lyn also teaches about the relevance to hypnotherapy of insights and practices of traditional cultures, emphasing Hawaiian traditions.

Gaye Wilson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Masters Degree in Psychology and has been an RN since 1972. She has been a popular instructor at many International Hypnotherapy Conferences. Gaye takes EFT-based therapy further, teaching her two-phased Emotional Balancing Process, and her expertise includes preparing for surgery and post-surgery support.

Terry Stout is a Marriage and Family Therapist with a Doctorate in Psychology who has been a Certified Hypnotherapist since 1985. He has very specialized training in the Inca Medicine Wheel and teaches its philosophy and relevance to hypnotherapy.

Ormond McGill, The Dean of American Hypnotists, continues with us in spirit. Highlights of the Quantum HypnotherapyTM seminar he taught at HTI for 25 years are part of our training.

Here is a new graduate comment.

Words cannot adequately express the gratitude I feel for the impact this class has had on my life and the lives of my beautiful classmates. Thank you so much for modelling not only great mastery of this discipline but also such love and compassion for humanity. Thank you also for the new tools so that I can continue to impact powerful positive change in myself and others.
-Tony Maree Millar, CHt, Life Coach
So. San Francisco, CA
The following message was received from a student on her way to becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist..

Dear Cheryl,
I just arrived home from our last Level 1 class, feeling even more in awe of the whole program. I feel that I have been truly blessed to be in your presence during this class. You are an exceptional teacher, very easy to follow and understand and just so open and present for all of us, and I can feel the love and care in your heart. I want you to know that even Level 1 was a life changing event for me, thank you so much.
With Much Love,
-Linda Devine
  Our courses are designed to prepare for a career in hypnotherapy and for professionals in any of the healing arts. Usually professionals take our courses to integrate hypnotherapy into their professions. This physician changed his profession after taking our courses! He is now our newest instructor, adding to our sections on medical hypnotherapy.

"Wow! What a surprise. I never would have guessed the changes that were about to occur in my life, both personally and professionally, after starting my training at HTI. I became interested in the power and broad applications of hypnosis in medicine while a medical student in the 1970's. As a critical care specialist I have used hypnotic techniques with patients in intensive care units with great success. Being a strong advocate of the mind-body connection, I decided to further my training in hypnotherapy to complement my work in behavioral medicine.

"I chose to enroll at HTI because of it's strong reputation and experiential approach to teaching. I made the right choice. The growth and changes that have occurred in my personal life have been nothing less than astounding. Professionally, I have transitioned from clinical medicine to full-time clinical hypnotherapy with tremendously satisfying results. I teach a semester long course in hypnotherapy to graduate students at the doctoral level in psychology and marriage and family therapy at an accredited university, and coach college varsity golfers in the 'mental game.' My private practice is successful and extremely rewarding. I am indebted to Randal, Cheryl and the other wonderful teachers at HTI."

-Michael Collins, MD, PhD, CHt
Roseville, CA