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Director Randal Churchill, "The Teacher of the Teachers"™
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Churchill with student

Randal Churchill is demonstrating hypno-healing with
this class member. Sample sessions of class demonstrations with commentary are included in Churchill's award winning books, Regression Hypnotherapy and Become the Dream.

Canfield with student

This photo shows Cheryl Canfield leading a powerful demonstrational hypnotherapy session in our Level 3 course that included regression to heal underlying issues. The class volunteer is coming out of her hypnotic state.

Randal & a Student in class

Shown from two angles, Randal Churchill is gathering information from the subsconcious mind with exploratory ideomotor methods, in the early stages of this Weekend Level 4 demonstration. The communication via this volunteer's finger signals led to regression to an early childhood trauma that had continued to effect her life, and a powerful healing.

Level Four class in 2005

A Recent Acclerated Class

A few of our students from a recent accelerated Level 4 class joined in this spontaneous photo during a class break.
Students pictured here came to this class from various states from Hawaii to Delaware, and from Singapore and Canada
Randal Churchill in discussion

Randal Churchill in discussion with the Level 4 class.
Cheryl Canfield

Cheryl Canfield, author of the award-winning Profound Healing, teaches hypnotherapy for health issues in Levels 2 and 3.

Our Last Accelerated Class in 2002

All of our accelerated classes draw from many countries. Our wonderful students travelled to this class from Canada, Bermuda,
the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Russia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and throughout the US from Hawaii to Maine.

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