Members of the Class of 1969

Okay folks, here they are...candid photos of the class of 1969...and a few others. Most have seldom, if ever, been seen before. I tried to associate names with most, however if I screwed up, please forgive me. A few are still unknowns, so if you have any idea who they are, or if you have any corrections, let me know. If I find any more, I'll post them.

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Bruce Trela, Jerry Ehrman Dan Lawson, Dennis Deehan, Gary Pavlich John Haskins & Jack Enright
James Maloney Dave Tresmontan Steve Lazzareschi
Frank Zito Joseph Barmore Frank Casabonne
Steve Laveroni, Frank Dunnigan '70 Bill Wegner, Bob Bendorff Stan Nowinski
Bill Bosque Steve Boreman? Ron Lagomarsino, Jim Molesky '70
Group Photo See note 1 below Ray Washmera Mr. Tringali See note 2
B-Ball Fans (115kB) See note 3 Fans at Serra game (100kB) See note 4 Studious students

Feel free to make additions/corrections to the below notes!
  1. The Group photo has 16 people in it. In the front row, I can make out Stephen Hobrecht, Gary Losada, Bill Wilson, Frank Zito, ?, and Ray Washmera. Inputs gladly accepted.

  2. The picture of Mr. Tringali (Vince, not Rich) was taken during a basketball game against radio station KYA (and Rick Barry) must have been during a full moon!

  3. Front Row: Mike Mitchell, Gerry Clifford, & Laveroni in the front row. Directly above them you have Jerry Ehrman, John Wildermuth, Bill Murphy, ?, Dan Lawson, Bill Wilson & Dan Dougherty. Maring is one row down & Devencenzi & Pat O'Connor are to the left. Top row is Bishop, Michael Michael, Tom Gilmore & ?. Bishop will pay $5 a head (not!) for anybody who can recognize any of the girls in the photo, excluding Taheny!

  4. At the Serra football game: Michael Fletcher Michael, Joe Barmore, Bishop, Bosque, looks like Martini's chin?, Rich Halloran, Dennis Hart, Shortall(?), Bert Eisenstat, Mike Harrington

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