Dentistry and Fluoride

Articles on Fluoride Supplements
Fluoride, Gingivitis and Oral Cancer, April 17, 2002
The Flaw in the Fluoridation Statistics, October 10, 2001
Risk Factors Associated with Fluorosis in a Non-Fluoridated Population in Norway, abstract
Abstracts on Silver Fluoride from Fluoride, the Journal of ISFR.
Review of Report: Investigation of Inorganic Fluoride and its Effect on the Occurrence of Dental Caries and Dental Fluorosis in Canada -- Final Report, by Richard G. Foulkes B.A. M.D.
Home Page of the Preventive Dental Health Association With these topics: fluoridation, mercury amalgams and dental care.
Root Canal Coverup, Review of George E. Meinig's book.

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