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Fluoridation Mandate Signed into Law
October 10, 1995
Governor Wilson signed AB733 into law today. All water systems in California, except those with less than 10,000 hookups, will be required to put fluoride in their water. During this summer while AB733, the mandatory fluoridation law, was debated in the California Legislature, the San Francisco Chronicle and other newspapers refused to print anything about it lest there should be a ground swell of opposition. Today, the Chronicle announced that Governor Wilson signed AB733 into law. The page one story in the Chronicle was full of the usual false statements used by pro-fluoridationists, alleging, among other things, that fluoridation is only opposed by right-wing extremists seeing a Communist plot behind every tree and others who have unreasonable fears.
Governor Wilson May Veto Mandatory Fluoridation
September20, 1995
The California Legislature passed AB733, a bill that would make fluoridation of the public water supplies mandatory throughout the State. Governor Pete Wilson has until October 15, 1995 to decide if he will veto AB733. Governor Wilson's constituency phone for you to voice your opinion is 916-445-1455. The Governor's secretary tabulates the number of people for or against AB733. Governor Wilson's fax number is 916-445-4633. A spokesperson for the Safe Water Coalition said that AB733 will add to California's financial burden of legal liability because fluoridation is now known to be a cause of spontaneous hip fractures.
Scientist Alleges False Statements Made by Assemblywoman Speier
September 14, 1995
In a letter written on August 17, 1995, to Patrick Johnston, Chairman of the California Senate Appropriations Committee, Dr. Joseph L. Lyon gives details showing that Assemblywoman Jackie Speier, made erroneous statements to the California Senate Health and Human Services Committee about his published research findings. Jackie Speier's statements are recorded in the transcript for the Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing held on June 21, 1995. Her statements implied that Dr. Lyon's research was improperly done and that opponents of fluoridation misinterpreted the findings. Jackie Speier is the sponsor of AB733, a bill that would make fluoridation of public water supplies mandatory in California.

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