Fluoride Stories

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Tales from the Vietnam War

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A Long Time Ago on an LZ Far, Far Away
Was sarin used by Americans in the Vietnam War?

Home Page of First Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment. I served in this unit in 1969-1970.
Photos from First Battalion, 22nd Infantry. These include photos from the Vietnam War.

Major Steedly's History of B-1-8 and D-1-8, Fourth Infantry Division. I served in B-1-8, 4th Infantry Division in 1969.

Maps of My Areas of Operation.

History Timelines

Dictionaries can be looked up using 2 methods: Hold Ctrl and Right click on the word you want to lookup (familiar shortcut of Just Click 'n' See, LacViet dictionary..). However this method allows you to look up single word only. If you want to look for combined words with spaces or other characters in between, you can use your mouse to select the word and press Ctrl-Shift-A to lookup

Glossary Of American Military Terminology in the Vietnam War

Agent Orange was an herbicide used by the Americans in the Vietnam War. Dioxin is the best known trace contaminant. It has left a legacy of many diseases.

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