Phosphate Mining in Jordan

Jordan has enormous phosphate reserves which cover about 60 per cent of its land area. Jordan is the world's fourth largest exporter of phosphate fertilizer. Four mines in Jordan produce phosphate. In the port city of Aqaba, there is an industrial complex for processing phosphate with sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid. Fluosilicic acid is a byproduct.

The major environmental hazards in the industrial complex are phosphate dust and fluoride gas. Chronic inhalation of phosphate dust causes lung fibrosis which may be because of the silica impurity. Chronic exposure to fluoride gas may cause diseases such as osteosarcoma. These health effects are being investigated by Drs. AbuDhaise and AbuOmar. Their current findings are published in the August, 1998 issue of Fluoride.

The Jordan Phosphate Mines Company maintains an informative web site.