From: Felice Stadler
Tue Jul 15 06:01:52 1997

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We recently posted a press release announcing EPA's report to Congress on the
effects of air pollution on our nation's Great Waters--the Great Lakes,
Chesapeake Bay, Lake Champlain, Tampa Bay, Long Island Sound, Massachusetts Bay,
Puget Sound, and others.

In its "draft determination" EPA announced that rather than taking aggressive
steps to reduce air toxics, they will take a "wait and see" approach despite
what their report concludes, namely that airborne toxics are polluting
estuaries, lakes, and rivers.  Toxics of specific concern are mercury, dioxin,
and lead.

EPA needs to hear from you that this is unacceptable.  Write to EPA by August
9th.  We have written materials you can refer to as you develop your letter--let
me know if you would like me to fax them to you.

EPA knows enough about the dangers these toxic pollutants pose on human
health--immediate action is needed.

Please repost this message to your local activist email lists.

Clean Air Network

forwarded from National Wildlife Federation

        If toxic chemicals and nutrients are in the air, then they are falling
into our drinking water, rivers and lakes.  Pollutants are released into the air
from incinerators, coal-fired power plants, and the tailpipes of autos and
trucks.  Pesticides and other poisons evaporate from agricultural fields and
contaminated sediments.  Once in the air, these pollutants can be carried long
distances by continental wind.  Eventually, these chemicals fall directly, or
indirectly by runoff, into our waterways.

        Once in the water, many of these pollutants move up the food chain where
they concentrate in fish and humans at dangerously unsafe levels.  The most
deadly chemicals, such as dioxin, PCBs, mercury, and DDT, are linked to
infertility problems, weakened immune systems, and behavioral disorders in
humans and wildlife.  Some of these chemicals can also cause cancer if they
reach high levels in the body.

        Please write EPA Administrator Carol Browner urging her to extend
tougher health protections to the nation*s waters from toxic air pollution.
Tell the EPA that you believe current air pollution controls are inadequate.
Specifically, call on the EPA to recognize that it needs greater or new
authority under the Clean Air Act to:

* reduce mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants;

* cut back on dioxin emissions from incinerators;

* protect the public from pesticides that evaporate into the atmosphere once
sprayed onto agricultural fields; and,

* sharply curtail air pollution from lead smelting, chemical manufacturing,
petroleum refining, and other major air toxics sources.

Please send your letter to:
                                        Carol M. Browner, Administrator
                                        U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
                                        401 M Street, S.W.
                                        Washington, D.C. 20460

        Congress told the EPA to prevent public and environmental health effects
from air toxic pollution to the Great Waters.  All we ask is for the agency to
get tough on toxic pollution.  Please write Administrator Browner today!

P.S.  The EPA*s report confirms what common sense has always told us:  that we
cannot protect our families and communities unless we prevent pollution from the
air, water and land.  The Great Waters Program provides a crucial step towards
controlling air toxics from polluting our waters.  Please write before August