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How Believable is the Report that Marwan Jaboor was tortured by the CIA?

February 28, 2007

Dan Montgomery

An article by Dafna Linzer and Julie Tate in the February 28, 2007 Oregonian, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times, "Ex-detainee offers rare peek into CIA's 'black sites' network," reports that Marwan Jaboor, an al-Qaida suspect, was kept in "black sites" administered by the CIA. He was deprived of sleep, chained, drugged, and kept naked. He wore headphones. The article doesn't say what the headphones were for. One could reasonably guess that the headphones were used for mental enslavement with subliminal messages. Predictably, the CIA alleges that they have no records that support these allegations. The part that doesn't sound right to me is that all of the technology that the CIA was reported to have used is antiquated. The current practice for intelligence operations uses subliminal mental enslavement from a remote source that cannot be identified by the victim. They use drugs for behavior modification, but they generally do it surreptitiously. They don't need to keep a victim naked and in chains. They use electromagnetic muscle control and a kind of neurolinguistic training to cause the desired behavior and mental state. It looks like a discovery, but the report is hardly more than disinformation.

Copyright 2007 Daniel A. Montgomery