Is the Government Really Telling the Truth about Jose Padilla?

Dan Montgomery

April 12, 2007

Reports that Padilla was held under sensory deprivation with goggles and noise blocking headphones (1) are misleading because the implication is that the government was not and is not using subliminal programming for mental enslavement. It doesn't take years to "break" someone. The most effective interrogation is done behind the scenes with covert mental enslavement. The prisoner is made to give the information and then is given dissociative amnesia to hide even the fact that the real interrogation ever took place.

Padilla's parents were from Puerto Rico. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He moved to Chicago and joined a gang. He converted to Islam and attended a mosque in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He met Adham Amin Hassoun at the mosque. Hassoun was later accused of consorting with Al-Qaeda. Padilla traveled in Islamic countries and was arrested as a material witness in Chicago on May 8, 2002.(2)

Jose Padilla’s PTSD is a sign of extreme psychological coercion. Dissociative amnesia is brought about by associating nasty experiences with the selected memory that the captors desire to repress. The stories about prison torture are only part of the process. Contemporary methods of extreme psychological coercion are done in the background so that the victim is not even aware of the real purpose unless he has an unusual gift for perceiving repetitive thought patterns which were intended to be subliminally delivered.

The kind of programming they use combines thought patterns with patterning of muscle control. This programming makes the defendant-victim think that he wants to do all the things that he will be accused of. At the time of a pre-programmed act, the programming impairs awareness that a magnetic muscle control system is being used to control the defendant-victim like a robot. In either mental enslavement or muscle enslavement, the defendant-victim is aware of what he is doing and aware that it is wrong, but is absolutely unable to stop. Most of them are not aware that they are unable to stop. They do not realize how controlling the mental enslavement is. Feelings that there was some kind of anonymous betrayal are combined with misplaced guilt.

In this paragraph, I suggest a hypothetical reason for the mental impairment of Jose Padilla. Before 9/11, the CIA needed some “Manchurian candidates” who could be used for things like infiltrating Al-Qaeda. He may have been unknowingly recruited as early as when he was living in Fort Lauderdale. He did not guess that his gang activity and his conversion to Islam were programmed. Although he was getting close to sources of inside information, 9/11 came unexpectedly. Now, the CIA wants to hide its infiltration attempt and Padilla is expendable. Padilla's case has still not come to trial.

Defense witnesses testified at a hearing on February 22, 2007. The defense argued that Padilla could not stand trial because he became mentally ill in prison. His psychiatrist, Dr. Angela Hegarty, found that he has an incapacitating case of PTSD. The court was not persuaded. Part of the reason was because Dr. Hegarty failed to report that Padilla had a score of zero on a PTSD questionnaire that she administered to Padilla.

Dr. Hegarty’s failure to report the score could have been engineered with subliminal programming. The score itself indicates a validity issue. Padilla could have been programmed to answer the questions this way. The FBI uses the same techniques that the CIA does. Padilla's answers to questions should be examined in the light of what the FBI or CIA would like to make him say. He could sound very rational and, yet, be speaking words that are dictated through an electronic mechanism that is controlled by the FBI.

The courts do not allow a witness to be hypnotized to enhance his testimony. Covertly influencing the testimony of a witness with anything that is similar to hypnotism is not allowed. I don’t think anyone could doubt that Padilla has been influenced like this. Using constant subliminal programming to covertly influence the defendant on the way to the trial is grave prosecutorial misconduct and should be grounds for dismissal.

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Copyright © 2007 Daniel A. Montgomery