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Sulejman Talovic Showed Signs of Mental Enslavement and Dissociation: An Essay on the Profiling of the Hidden Perpetrators of Mass Murder.

Daniel A. Montgomery

April 24, 2007

On February 12, 2007, Sulejman Talovic opened fire with a gun in Trolley Square, a shopping mall in Salt Lake City. He killed five and wounded four. He was shot to death by an off duty policeman.

The day before he went to Trolley Square, Talovic called his girlfriend and told her, "You’re going to be mad at me, but ... tomorrow's supposed to be the happiest day of my life." Noticew he said, "supposed to be." He was not really in control when he made that call. The call was probably a part of a sequence of actions that he had been trained to do. Subliminal words combined with other electromagnetic stimulation can bring about a mental control from which there is no escape. The control is all the stronger because the victim does not know it is there.

Talovic was a refugee from Bosnia when he was a child. He remembered murder and dead bodies and deaths in the family. His girlfriend thinks he was affected by the violence he saw. He had counseling about it. Such a history of trauma leads to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is probably what he had. However, subliminal training with hidden psychological coercion works in a similar way. Subliminal coercion is hard to detect. The process creates a kind of dissociative amnesia about the coercion. Talovic would not have known it was there. Contemporary subliminal training by an intelligence operation uses subliminal pictures. Talovic’s earlier war time experiences could be used against him with subliminal training pictures.

When someone is being trained by an intelligence operation for a tragedy like this, a common tactic is to socially isolate the victim. Talovic dropped out of school. There is no clear reason why he did. This isolation made it more difficult for anyone to discover that anything was amiss.

Talovic was a happy, nice person. He never seemed violent. He was nice to everybody. He was out of character when he randomly shot to kill at Trolley Square. This kind of Jekyll and Hyde change in personality can be caused by subliminal psychological coercion which plants obsessions followed by compulsions.

Dissociation is not schizophrenia. Kip Kinkel, the youth who suddenly killed his parents and killed and wounded students at his high school in Thurston, Oregon, was a nice guy, too. I looked up the appeals court records in Salem, Oregon. I studied the transcript of Kinkel’s sentencing hearing. Nothing in the psychological reports supports the view that he was the kind of person who had a careless disregard for human life. He purchased a handgun and kept it illegally at school because he was frightened by a group of people who were systematically harassing him. He felt powerless to get anyone to do anything about it. The complete sequence that led to the killings sounds like Kinkel was unknowingly following a script which he had been programmed to obsessively obey. The harassment looks like it was part of a series of behavioral triggers.

There was a difference of opinion among the defense psychiatrists. Dr. Bolstad found that Kinkel was schizophrenic. Dr. Sack found that Kinkel was schizoaffective. A schizoaffective combines some symptoms of schizophrenia and some symptoms of mood changes.

These cases of psychological coercion are being misdiagnosed. Dissociation that is caused by subliminal psychological coercion can be mistaken for schizophrenia partly because the coercion remains hidden and the obsessions are mistaken for "voices." When Kinkel complained that the “voices” told him to do it, they thought it was schizophrenia instead of other explanations. The perception of microwave communications were not intended to be subliminally delivered. They were intended to create a false case of insanity. The cause of the "voices" of obsessions remained hidden.

Talovic listened to one CD. It was produced by the Korn Band. The music is described as, “somewhere between heavy metal and an industrial sound.” It was the only music he listened to. He had the CD for a long time. The lyrics are "nihilistic." They make reference to wishing to die and the voices in one’s head.

This is similar to the CD that Kip Kinkel listened to. It was produced by Nine Inch Nails and also sounds morbid. There were references to the "voices" in one’s head. Listening to the CDs could be used as a reinforcement of subliminal training. Listening to the CD’s alone is not enough to program anybody to kill. Even if there were subliminal words on the CDs that made reference to killing, it still would not be enough. Besides the reinforcement, a CD with subliminal words on it is a convenient alibi if anyone suspects that the behavior of the listener was being scripted by a subliminal influence.


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Copyright 2007 by Daniel A. Montgomery