Part V (C): The important illness/death inducing techniques-invisible operatives of surveillance station/system can secretly enter people's home/office, car, boat, plane, etc. to manipulate their target to ejaculate, induce flu-like symptoms, physical weakness, kidney, liver, heart etc. dysfunction on their victims and secretly erase victim's memory with electroshock weapon  <Back to Index>

Author:  Alan Yu 

Editor:  John Yu 

This article outlines twenty two  illness/death-inducing techniques often used by the involved law-enforcement officers (LEO) & invisible operatives of surveillance station/system to torture or murder their targets.  Most of these techniques are carried-out by "invisible operatives/little spirits" (using invisibility technologies developed from the Philadelphia Experiment) to evade the targets from discovering the true cause of their injuries (induced illness).   Therefore, a short background of the invisibility technology is  needed (for those readers who are unfamiliar with my articles).

According to inside information, the technologies of invisibility & interdimensional travel of Philadelphia experiment have been developed successfully by US Navy in WWII.  The invisibility technology has been transferred to Taiwan in 1950s & used to induce illness/death on some victims since the 1960s.   Taiwan acquired these technologies first because it was selected to use invisibility technology in surveillance system and use the Chinese traditional acupuncture theory to develop illness/death inducing techniques for this surveillance system.  Taiwan was the life control surveillance system experimentation.   It was used to test the effectiveness of newly developed illness/death techniques which included those techniques from US or from Taiwan (mostly developed by Taiwan's acupuncturists with acupuncture knowledge).
Taiwan has many acupuncture clinics which have acupuncturists who practice traditional Chinese herbal medicine in clinics and are also licensed doctors in Taiwan.   These certified acupuncturists have medical knowledge to use chronal gun (or laser beam, laser gun, etc.) to remotely manipulate people's health & inducing illness/death on people from different acupuncture points.

(attachment)-_PSYCHIC WARFARE FACT OR FICTION edited by John White 1988
The 1988 book, PSYCHIC WARFARE FACT OR FICTION, edited by John White, carried several articles by Thomas E. Bearden, leading U.S. expert on Soviet Tesla and psychotronic weapons. In his article titled, "Soviet Psychotronic Weapons, A Condensed Background," Bearden stated: "The psychotronic patterns/effects can be modulated onto electromagnetic signals, even of very low intensity" (such as ELF and VLF), "and still affect living systems because of the KINDLING EFFECTS; i.e., the psychotronic virtual state modulations are stripped off by a living system (IN THE ACUPUNCTURE POINTS NEAR THE SURFACE OF THE SKIN) and introduced onto the human nervous system where they begin to superpose coherently as time passes. Such collection eventually reach the quantum threshold and OBSERVABLE PHYSICAL CHANGE RESULTS."

"... By modulating psychotronic (PT) signals onto electromagnetic (EM) carriers, visible light squelching can be overcome. The PT modulations are then delivered to the biological (or material) targets through the light photons go right through other photons without interaction except in the most extreme case sand ACTIVATE THE ACUPUNCTURE POINTS." Soviet physicist, "Victor Adamenko, discovered that acupuncture points form plexuses or groupings, THAT ARE FREQUENTLY SENSITIVE. Further, these plexuses are coordinated with and to specific body locations. BY CHOICE OF FREQUENCY, ONE CAN THEREFORE DETERMINE WHAT PART OF THE TARGET'S BODY IS EFFECTED."

Since 1960s, Taiwan have successfully used these illness/death techniques on their victims in life control surveillance system.  So, these illness/death inducing techniques & invisibility technology should also be used in the current US surveillance stations/system.

According to the inside information, the personnel and equipment become tiny, invisible and have the characteristic of levitation (floating in the air as if they are weightless) after using the invisibility technology. Thus, by using propulsion equipment, every invisible operative can move as a single-seated "plane" (with carried equipments such as weapons & mind machine). However, the tiny invisible personnel cannot be used in military and only suits to be used for surveillance system.

Since the invisible personnel and equipment have the characteristic of levitation (in the secret dimension) and every invisible operative can use the propulsion device to move as small "plane", it enable these operatives to lightly fly onto people's head to control people's brain functions without targets' knowledge. Also, they can lightly land on a target's body (on any organ) to induce illness/death without most victims' knowledge after they secretly enter people's homes/workplaces, vehicles, etc. (see details on Part II-A).

Furthermore, by using interdimensional travel technology, these invisible operatives (move as the single-seated plane) can move from one surveillance station to another station or enter people's homes in a very short time through a secret interdimension.   It means that from the surveillance stations/system, these invisible operatives and their equipment (including weapons) can be sent to any under surveillance place (e.g., people's homes) or other surveillance stations very fast.   However, these invisible operatives who enter people's homes through magnetic dimension need to use a special monitoring system to spy on their targets (people).  That's because people are living in different (four) dimension and the invisible operatives hide in this secret magnetic dimension after these operatives enter people's homes.

These operatives/little spirits now use the codename of "bees" instead of original code-name "little spirits" in 1965-70 of Operation Pandora.  That's because most westerners know that "little spirits" from the box of Pandora are tiny, invisible and will spread illness/death on people. The original secret code name also suits the inside information that these invisible operatives are very tiny (as little spirits) and secretly induce illness/death on their targets.    How?   They carry weapons and use propulsion equipment to move as a single-seat plane to fly in the secret magnetic dimension and enter people's homes/workplace, vehicles, etc. to keep people under close surveillance, manipulate people's emotional states and control citizens' behaviors.   However, after the involved LEO of surveillance station/system own above absolute power in 1970s, they quickly become corrupted.  Thus, they secretly transferred illness/death inducing techniques in surveillance system and abuse the invisible operatives to criminally induce illness/death on some citizens (including political leaders, judges, public officials, civilians, etc.-see details on Part X, V-B2) whom they dislike, key witness who oppose their interests (see details on Part K1), criminally use microwave voice device on unaware victim (civilian, students) to drive them mad and/or to kill (e.g. school shootings-see details on Part VI).

The above situation shows the invisible operatives' appearance is same as original code-name of "little spirits" but less similar to their current codename "bees."     These invisible operatives' actions are very inhumane.  They will kill anyone who know their secrets to prevent more people from finding out.  They are afraid that their targets know about the tiny size and levitation abilities of these operatives (in the magnetic dimension).   The reason is that these targets might fight back against these operatives when the operatives try to induce illness/death on these targets (people in normal four dimension).

To summarize: By using the invisibility technology of Philadelphia Experiment, the operatives & their weapon (e.g., radio-frequency weapon, chronal gun, etc.) can become invisible at anytime.  Thus, the invisible operatives can either use the technology of interdimensional travel to enter the target's home/office, or hitch a ride in the car of a collaborator to the target's home/office to induce illness/death on the victim-(e.g., heart dysfunction or heart attack-see details of invisibility technology on web-page Part II-A Philadelphia experiment with inside information).

According to Taiwan victims' report, they have been injured (or induced illness) with chronal gun by Taiwan's involved LEO & operatives since 1960s.   This shows that the chronal gun is one-of-the-first developed weapons in use for invisible operatives to induce illness/death on their victims.   Also, the chronal gun has been mainly used to activate acupuncture point or induce cerebral hemorrhage; kidney and liver dysfunction (or failure); capillaries of heart to burst on their victims by Taiwan's involved LEO & operatives since 1960s. That's because this chronal gun weapon has the ability to penetrate metal.

After the collapsed of the Soviet Union, some of the Russian classified information on these sound or radiation wave weapons & illness/death inducing techniques for the past three decades have been revealed to the world.

FATE MAGAZINE also reported on a fall, 1991 article by Emil Fedorovich Bachurin, that was published in two issues of the MOLODAYA GVARDIA MAGAZINE: The information demonstrates the kinds of weapons that fall under the heading of 'psychotronic weapons'.  Bachurin described the psychotronic devices as dreadful.  A human being becomes a silent cog in a hellish machine of all-devouring fear.  AN INDIVIDUAL'S BRAIN CAN BE SUPPRESSED, ACTIVITIES CURTAINED, and such an individual WILL SUBMIT TO ANY WISH OF THE OPERATOR. ...Bachurin list several types of 'psi-oruzhiye':

The first, most effective, well known, destructive type, tortures the victim and then kills him.  It is based on INFRASONIC RADIATION (very similar to the so-called nonlethal psychotronic devices now being pushed by the Justice Department) -- 7 hertz ELF in frequency. The human brain and peripheral nervous system cannot withstand such directed radiation.  The secret of putting it to proper use is finding the right screening emitter...

Application of directed, high power microwave and ultrasound radiation is the principle between the second type of psi-weapons.  Although these are two separate concepts, each one affects the nervous system equally effectively: humans lose sleep.  Insomnia wrecks a human being and such weapons can be made portable.

The third type of psi-oruzhiye involves several systems: chronal emitters, chronal guns, pyramid sets, and some cavity structures.  The destructive effect here is achieved by creation of chronal beams, consisting of tiny particles- -chronos.  Such beams are all-penetrating, and their velocity allows the beams to disperse in space instantaneously. (Since the chronal gun "bullets" can even penetrate thick metal, it can be used to quickly injure people's organs without causing pain -Alan Yu note).

After a volley from a chronal gun, the human aura is torn to pieces, and the victim's bioenergy defense is gone.  Should the energy circle around an individual's head (halo or nimbus) be hit, the mental abilities of the targeted person will be affected.  Such weapon's do not kill immediately, but do maim the psyche.  Prolonged exposure to bullets from such weapons systems can affect the urinary system, sexual organs, the cranial brain, and the spinal cord.  Leukemia and malignant brain tumors are the result...
Now, based on my research and victims' reports, I would describe the illness/death inducing techniques of involved LEO & invisible operatives of Taiwan & US in details:

1. To weaken a young victim's health and cause his body to become as frail as that of an old man after a period of injury-The Taiwan invisible personnel called this technique is Lao-Da-Hwe (translated with Chinese pronounciation):

Why would the invisible operatives of surveillance station/system injure a young victim to cause him to have the health of an old man?  One reason is because it is not so easy to kill a healthy young man. The second reason is this: if the invisible operatives induces a healthy young man to suddenly die, his death would seem unusual and attract attention, something the invisible operatives would want to avoid. Thus if they slowly weaken the young victim's health, the family and friends of this victim would accept that he has declining health. Then when the invisible operatives do induce their victim to die, the victim's family and friends would attribute his death to his poor health and not become suspicious of any foul play. Thus, the invisible operatives will usually weak a young or middle-age victim's health as that of an old man before inducing death on him.
How could they weak a young victim's health?

There are many different methods (e.g inducing kidney or heart dysfunction, memory damage, etc.).

For example, by using electroshock weapons or current tetanizing weapon, the invisible operatives can erase a victim's memory, impair a victim's movement, cause overall physical weakness (especially in the arms, hands, fingers, legs, and feet).

(a). After using invisibility technology of surveillance station/system, the invisible personnel have entered people's home and used the electroshock weapon on victims to cause muscle spasm or erase a victim's memory since 1960s.

According to inside information and victims' reports, Taiwan involved LEO & invisible operatives/little spirits have used the electroshock weapon on their victims to cause muscle spasm in their legs since 1960s.

Based on inside information and victims' reports, when impairing a victim's movement, the invisible operatives will use electroshock weapon on a victim's legs ((lower legs-gastrocnemius, thighs-hamstring, retus femoris).

Some of above victims claimed that their memories have been secretly erased with electroshock by invisible operatives at victims' home.

However, according to victims' reports, the sensation caused by this type of electroshock is very different from the sensation caused when people are really shocked with regular electricity. That's because the electroshock weapon became tiny after the operatives using the invisibility technology on it.  Therefore, when the invisible operatives use the electroshock weapon on their legs, the victim only feel pain for his leg's muscle spasm.

Furthermore. such kind of artificial muscle spasm is obviously abnormal because  it always happens when a victim was sleeping or waking up in bed.
A person can only have a muscle spasm when the muscle in question is over-exerted or over-exercised.  So how could a person have muscle spasm when he/she is sleeping or just waking up?

Such kind of muscle spasm must be caused by invisible operatives with the electroshock weapon. That's because when a person is sleeping, his muscle is relaxed.  Under such kind of situation, one would not suddenly cause his leg's muscle spasm if he is not injured with electroshock weapon.

Why would these invisible operatives use electroshock weapon on a victim when the victim is sleeping or just waking up?
That's because when people take a rest, his muscle is relaxed  Under such kind of situation, if the invisible operatives use electroshock weapon on a victim's muscle, the electric current will suddenly cause victim muscular tetanization from relaxed condition. This change is so suddenly to the muscle.  Therefore, it will cause muscle spasm and cause serious pain to the victim.

However, when the invisible operatives use the electroshock weapon on a victim's brain, their goal is to erase the victim's memory without victim's knowledge. Thus, the invisible operatives will only use low set on the electroshock weapon.  Therefore, after the invisible operatives use the electroshock weapon on victim's brain, victim will not feel pain but suddenly become hazy and fall asleep.

In US, I believe that many victims have also been secretly used the electroshock weapon to erase their memories to stop citizens' criticism without victims' knowledge by involved LEO & operatives from surveillance station/system.

If some people have experiences of leg's muscle spasm when they are
sleeping or waking up in homes. They are victims of the invisible
operatives from surveillance station/system with using the electroshock
We know that mind control technology was designed for using in surveillance system and has been used on it since 1970s.  The following information proves that mind control research has studied the electroshock weapon in order to erase victim's memory.  The original electroshock weapon need physical contact on victim. How could they use this weapon on their victim?

The answer is very simple.  The Navy has invented the invisibility technology before WWII from Philadelphia Experiment.  After WWII, the operatives can use invisibility technology on  weapon & personnel to make them become invisible.  Therefore, the invisible operatives can enter people's home and secretly use the handheld electroshock weapon (e.g. Tazer) on their victim's body without victim's knowledge.

(attachment) "Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons" by David G. Guyatt
Additional studies, conducted by Dr. Ewen Cameron and funded by the CIA, were directed towards erasing memory and imposing new personalities on unwilling patients. Cameron discovered that electroshock treatment caused amnesia. He set about a program that he called "de-patterning" which had the effect of erasing the memory of selected patients. Further work revealed that subjects could be transformed into a virtual blank machine (Tabula Rasa) and then be re-programmed with a technique which he termed "psychic driving." Such was the bitter public outrage, once his work was revealed (as a result of FOIA searches), that Cameron was forced to retire in disgrace.
The above facts prove that the invisibility technology has been used in surveillance station/system by involved LEO & invisible operatives over five decades.

However, the electroshock weapon has been developed successfully and the handheld weapon can be used on victim without physical contact.

Beside erasing memory, the electroshock weapon can render paralyzing blows-for temporarily immobilizing a target subject by means of muscular tetanization in which the tetanization is produced by conducting a precisely- modulated electrical current through the target.

If involved LEO & invisible operatives from surveillance station/system want to debilitate and impair the movement of their victim, they could enter victim's home and then use the electroshock weapon to strike on the victim's leg (extensor or lower legs _gastrocnemius, thighs _hamstring, retus femoris) and arms.  Beside feeling serious pain, the victim leg's muscle spasm would hinder the victim's movement. Thus, the involved LEO & invisible operatives can also use it to stop the victim appearing an important appointment.

By using the electroshock weapon on a victim's brain at a low setting, the victim would suddenly become hazy and fall asleep without obviously feeling pain.  Thus, the invisible operatives can prevent the unsuspecting victim from knowing that his brain is being damaged.  After a period of time, the brain damage caused by the invisible operatives will diminish the victim's memory.

(attachment)-US Patent & Trademark Office
United States Patent   5,675,103
Herr       October 7, 1997
Non-lethal tetanizing weapon

A non-lethal weapon for temporarily immobilizing a target subject by means of muscular tetanization in which the tetanization is produced by conducting a precisely-modulated electrical current through the target. Because the electrical current is a close replication of the physiological neuroelectric impulses which control striated muscle tissue, it tetanizes the subject's skeletal muscles without causing any perceptible sensation. The transmission of this current to the distant target is via two channels of electrically conductive air. The conductive channels are created by multi-photon and collisional ionization within the paths of two beams of coherent (laser) or columnated incoherent ultraviolet radiation directed to the target. A single beam may be used to tetanize a grounded target. The high-voltage tetanizing current flows from electrodes at the origin of the beams along the channels of free electrons within them.

Inventors:  Herr; Jan Eric (P.O. Box 15044, San Diego, CA 92175)
Appl. No.: 597395       Filed:  February 8, 1996
Other References:
Channeling of an Ionizing Electrical Streamer by a Laser Beam, Koopman and Wilkerson, Oct. 1971, Journal of Applied Physics, pp. 1883-1886.   Formation and Guiding of High-Velocity Electrical Streamers by  Laser- Induced Ionization, Koopman and Saum, Dec. 1973, Journal  of Applied Physics, pp. 5328-5336.   Electric Shock Effects of Frequency, Kouwenhoven et al., Apr. 1936.


This invention relates to weapons and more particularly to a type of non-disabling weapon which may be used by military personnel or law enforcement agents for the temporary immobilization of a target subject or subjects. The invention also relates to muscle tissue involuntary contraction by application of electric current identical to or closely approximating the physiological neuroelectric impulses which control muscle movements.


To this date, the known non-lethal and sub-lethal electrical weapons that have been designed to render a target subject less than completely functional have relied on low-frequency, high-voltage currents to shock, stun, or disorient said target subject. An early example of such a device is disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 3,803,463, Cover. This device is a handheld weapon from which two small projectiles are fired at the target subject. Each projectile is attached to a fine conductive wire so as to deliver an electrical current to stun said target subject.  The principal drawback of this type of device is that only a single shot can be fired without reloading. The weapon is thus of little value if it must be used against multiple targets, if one or both projectiles misses the target, or if the target subject is able to dislodge one or both of the projectiles or their wires before the stunning current is activated.  Further, the weapon is classified as a firearm because the projectiles are propelled by nitrocellulose powder charges, and it is therefore subject to all the legal restrictions applied to firearms.

 (b).By using electroshock weapon or tetanizing weapon, the invisible operatives can secretly land on a target's shoulders, arms, hands, wrists, knees, ankles and/or legs to injure the ligaments in those areas to cause general physical weakness (such kind of injury is mostly caused by invisible operatives who practice chinese martial arts).

(c). By using electrosock weapon to attack on a victim's arches of feet, it can cause a victim's feet to easily feel tire (as that of an old man) when victim stand for several hours.
The above methods are life control tactics and mostly used to weak the heath of a young (or middle-age) victim as that of an old man.

2. Flat feet can also be created on infants with electroshock weapon by the invisible operatives.  Such kind of malicious action is used when the targeted victim has a new baby (infant).

Taiwan's invisible operatives have used the electroshock weapon to enter victim's home and injure infant's arch of feet to cause the infant to develop flat feet (before the infant can walk). After the injury, the tendons in the infant's arch of feet have been severed.  So, the infant will develop flat feet when he/she grow up.  That's because the tendon of infant's arches of feet are delicate and can be easily sever.

This kind of tactic is used on the baby before the infant can walk to make it appear as the child is born with flat feet.

Such kind of flat feet inducing technique is to injury the infant before baby can walk in order to appear the child's flat feet as if caused by nature.

3.  The invisible operatives can use remote electric method to manipulate a victim to ejaculate when their target has sex with other (or to manipulate a victim to ejaculate in dream after using mind machine to give victim the erotic dream)

According to victims' reports, the method of inducing men to ejaculate via remote electrical manipulation method is a well known procedure of the corrupted LEO & operatives.  The released documents on mind control research has proven that researchers have developed a brain map (see details on Part I of my main page) which can be used for the purpose of remotely controlling body functions (e.g., ejaculation) of human (see details on my Webpage Part I-B).

After setting the entire country in the electromagnetic field, the invisible operatives of surveillance station/system can secretly enter people's home/office, car, boat, plane, etc. to remotely manipulate people's emotional states, behaviors etc. by directing a carrier frequency to stimulate the target's brain.

(attahment)-"Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons" by David G. Guyatt
In his pioneering work, Dr. Ross Adey determined that emotional states and behavior can be remotely influenced merely by placing a subject in an electromagnetic field. By directing a carrier frequency to stimulate the brain and using amplitude modulation to shape the wave to mimic a desired EEG frequency, he was able to impose a 4.5 CPS theta rhythm on his subjects.

Therefore, after the electromagnetic field (waves) is irradiated across the entire United States from GWEN system (since early of 1980s), the US citizens have all been set into the electromagnetic field.  Thus, the involved LEO's invisible operatives can use a carrier frequency to influence citizens' emotional states and behaviors (GWEN system see details on webpage Part I-C) from surveillance station/system.

When the invisible operatives track a victim at home and from home to outdoors, they can use a carrier frequency to link with the target's brain (within GWEN system) and then send signals to control the target's excretory system (or use the chronal gun to strike the unknowing victim's urethra to damage his control of urination).  Therefore, they can embarrass the victim by causing him to urinate in his pants in public.  The life controllers can also use the chronal gun  to attack the anus of victim to induce him to defecate (this will be used to check the victim's physical condition or embarrass the person in public.

However, these invisible operative's favorite tactic is to manipulate their target to ejaculate in an artificial sex dream.
Additionally, the following information published in a Newsweek article also proves that the US even has a device to create artificial sex drive.

8/22/94 NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE reported on a secret Arlington, Virginia meeting between experts from the FBI's Counter- Terrorism Center and Dr. Smirnov, whose work was described in the publication: "...Using electroencephalographs, Smirnov measures brain waves, then uses computers to create a map of the subconscious and various human impulses, such as anger or the SEX DRIVE. Then through taped SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES, he claims to physically alter the landscape with the power of suggestion."

According to inside information, the invisible operatives can carry mind machine into people's homes from surveillance station/system (or be transported by car to  the target's home).  After the invisible operatives enter the target's home, they can use the technique mentioned in attachment 7 to create or increase the sex drive of a target with artificial erotic dream (a dream created by a mind machine).  When the victim is aroused in this artificial erotic dream, these invisible operatives will use a carrier frequency (e.g. an electromagnetic wave) to simulate the location of center of the top of the victim's head (location of an acupuncture point) to induce the victim to ejaculate.  It has become a well-known & widely used life manipulation technique of the corrupted LEO & operatives.

When the invisible operatives use mind machine to induce a victim to ejaculate, it usually means this person is targeted to be tortured by the corrupted LEO's invisible operatives. Otherwise, they would not use this tactic.  However, to avoid victim's suspicion, the life manipulation or injury will be done gradually by the invisible operatives to make it looks as caused by nature.

Therefore, to induce ejaculate is a often used tactic on young victims. That's because these victims will either enjoy the sex dreams, or have no knowledge of being injured by others in such kind of situation.

For example, when the invisible operatives try to induce kidney dysfunction on young victims, they will also use chronal gun to injure victims' kidney in addition to induce ejaculation during the artificial sex dreams.

Therefore, a young victim's kidney function will quickly deteriorate because the kidney injury caused by chronal gun attack and victim will be induced ejaculation in artificial erotic dreams several time a week.

However, unknowing victims will not even suspect that the deterioration of his health conditions (such as kidney function) to be caused by these injuries. Furthermore, this unsuspecting victim will only blame himself of the inability to control ejaculation caused by sex dream.

This is how the invisible operatives to induce kidney dysfunction on young victims without their knowledge.

4.  By using chronal gun to strike at the spermatic cord (where the sperm is stored) of a target to cause victim's sperms being loss during urination.

There is a serious injury of the corrupted LEO's invisible operatives to their victims and this evil injury is called "Yee_Bai_Tuo_Dee" by Taiwan's invisible operatives.

Under such kind of torture, the tiny invisible operatives will enter people's home (from surveillance station/system or ride an operative's car to approach victim's home). The invisible operatives will fly near the victim's penis/ vulva then use chronal gun to injure the spermatic cord (where the sperm is stored) of a victim. After making a period of such injury, it can cause serious damage on a victim's spermatic cord. Therefore, not only the victim have premature ejaculation, the sperms will be lost during urination, and the male might also become impotent. The damage to these reproductive function will also lead to kidney dysfunction.

Beside the above method, the invisible operatives could also use a carrier frequency to touch (stimulate) the central top of victim's head to induce their victim to premature ejaculation on the male/female while he/she is having sex with the partner to cause a couple to become unsatisfied in sex.

After some victims confirm that above situation have been happened on them in Taiwan since 1970s & in US in 1980s, it only proves that the technology of invisibility & interdimensional travel in Philadelphia experiment have been developed successfully & used in Taiwan surveillance station/system since 1960s. It also proves that current US surveillance system is as similar as Taiwan's life control surveillance system. Furthermore, it also shows that the invisible operatives must be very tiny and have the levitation abilities in the secret magnetic dimension as the inside information stated. Thus, the tiny invisible operatives can induce illness on the spermatic cord or damage a normal person's spermatic cord without victim's knowledge even they can secretly enter citizens' homes. The above facts & activities also suit that the invisible operatives' original secret code is "little spirits"

5. To Induce a victim's capillaries of heart to burst:

Recently, some political leaders suffered from illness in which the capillaries of their hearts burst.   Actually, this is injury induced by the involved LEO & invisible operatives with chronal guns of surveillance station/system.  That's because human blood vessel normally can only be blocked-off or narrowed-down, but it will not burst by itself.

However, the tiny invisible operatives can enter people's homes from surveillance stations/system and use the chronal gun to strike on the capillaries of target's heart and cause the capillaries to burst.

For example:  A case which involve Taiwan's Presidential Election in 1996.  While campaigning to unseat the incumbent President Lee Teng-Hui, Mr. Chiang Wei-Kuo (Vice Presidential candidate of the opposition & the younger brother of former President Chiang Ching-Kuo), suffered the bursting of the capillaries of his heart.  He was hospitalized for a month.  According to insider information, he was injured by Taiwan corrupted LEO & invisible operatives to prevent him from assisting other to unseat the incumbent, President Lee.   In 1998 while campaigning to retain his seat in the US Senator, Senator Arlen Specter felt pain in the heart.   After receiving medical examination in a PA hospital, the doctor found nothing wrong.  I suspect that the Senator was injured with chronal gun by invisible operatives of surveillance system in order to cause the capillaries of his heart to burst. Fortunately, this attempt didn't cause Specter to suffer injury.  That's why he felt pain in heart but could not find the real answer.  It means that it should be a unsuccessful attempt by the invisible operatives.  The reason for the attempt is unknown (either Senator Specter anger the involved LEO or Specter's hospitalization could benefit other who is the operative of these corrupted LEO).

6.To induce flu-like symptoms on senior persons, small children (or those n poor heath).

According to inside information, the invisible operatives/little spirits can enter people's homes/workplaces, vehicles, etc. (se details on my webpage Part II-A, F, G) and then create special magnetic fields on a victim's brain. It will cause certain brain cells of the victim to release histamine. Also, the invisible operatives will use the chronal gun to injure victims' thyroid gland of throats to cause laryngitis in order to induce fever. That's because after one get laryngitis, it will make him to develop fever. Interviewing victims a few years ago, some of the victims had told me that life controllers could induce flu-like symptoms on people and induce fever. A victim (who has had the flu-like symptoms induced upon him on several occasions) confirms that the corrupted LEO will also use the chronal gun to injure the thyroid gland of a victim's throat to cause laryngitis. That's because people will easily have fever after they have laryngitis.

Since flu is a common disease and can frequently caused senior citizens & children to die, I have spent considerable time to search for information regarding this particular technology. I finally found following information in the "Wonder Weapons" article.

(attachment) "Wonder Weapons" By Douglas Pasternak _US News & World Report_ on July 7, 97
From 1980 to 1983, a man named Eldon Byrd ran the Marine Corps Nonlethal Electromagnetic Weapons project. He conducted most of his research at the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute in Bethesda, MD.

"We were looking at electrical activity in the brain and how to influence it," he says. .... Byrd even ran a small project that used magnetic fields to cause certain brain cells in rats to release histamine. In humans, this would cause instant flu-like symptoms and produce nausea. "These fields were extremely weak. They were undetectable," says Byrd.

".You could disable a person temporarily," Byrd hypothesizes.

Based on victims' reports, the type of study mentioned in the "Wonder Weapons" article had gone far beyond the research stage and it had already been developed into weapons and used for many years.

The method of inducing flu-like symptoms is a very serious threat to the lives of senior citizens, children and people with poor health. That's because flu is a common disease and only people who are in good health will be unaffected (or one must take a flu-shot in advance to build up immunity against the flu).

Senior citizens, small children (and those in poor physical condition) health conditions will deteriorate when the flu-like symptoms are induced on them by the involved LEO from surveillance station/system. Then, senior citizens, small children (and those who have poor health) can easily contract the real flu virus because their bodies' immune system have been already weakened. Furthermore, the involved LEO & operatives can use chronal gun to injure victim's thyroid gland of throat to to cause laryngitis and induce fever.

Therefore, these senior or small children victims are most susceptible to die from this tactic because once infected, there is no medicine that can directly kill off the flu virus.

Therefore, when the flu season comes, the involved and corrupted LEO & operatives can easily use such techniques to induce flu-like symptoms on senior citizens, small children. Therefore, their health conditions will deteriorate then easily contract the real flu virus. If the involved LEO & operatives further use chronal gun injure thyroid gland of these victims' throat to to cause laryngitis and induce fever.

The created fever will cause real flu virus' attack more serious. Therefore, it will easily cause these senior, small children to die as if by natural causes (e.g., many years ago, many senior veterans died from a special flu [Legionnaires Disease]).

To the young or middle-age people, this flu-like symptoms inducing method can be used to manipulate victims' activities such as to prevent the victims from appearing at important appointments or business meetings.

This tactic of inducing flu-like symptoms is truly horrible and evil because it can be used to manipulate people's health, activities, etc. This is especially true when this tactic (including artificial fever) is used on senior citizens & small children. That's because it can cause them to die.

Since flu is a common disease, this life manipulation techniques can be easily used on the victims without most victims' knowledge.

According to victims' reports from Taiwan , this life manipulation tactic has been used on some of them as early as 1982.

This report also proves that there is no national border between life controllers and their advanced devices will be transferred to foreign Life controllers without hesitation.

Furthermore, there is another information about relate with flu-thermal gun research project that would have the operational effect of heating the body to 105 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit.  Such effects would bring on discomfort, fever, or even death.

By using thermal gun combine with flu-like symptoms inducing techniques, these invisible operatives not only can induce flu-like symptoms on victims, but they can forcibly induce high fever on victim to increase chances of the victims to die.

(attachment) -"Wonder Weapons"
Typical of some of the more exotic proposals are those from Clay Easterly.  Last December, Easterly--who works at the Health Sciences Research Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory--briefed the Marine Corps on work he had conducted for the National Institute of Justice, which does research on crime control.  One of the projects he suggested was an "electromagnetic gun" that would "induce epileptic like seizures."

Another was a "thermal gun [that] would have the operational effect of heating the body to 105 to 107" degrees Fahrenheit.  Such effects would bring on discomfort, fevers, or even death.

7. To induce death with infrasound weapon:

(a). To induce death with infrasound when an unaware senior victim use the toilet.

According to Defense News reported that on Dec. 15, 1992, Janet Morris stated that she and the Richmond, Virginia-based Internatio