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When your city council has a meeting to decide whether to start or stop fluoridation, prepare for it by giving the council members who are favorable to your views the best information available. The Natick Fluoridation Study Committee conducted a thorough review of the scientific literature on water fluoridation. Their findings regarding the benefits and risks are in the report, "Should Natick Fluoridate?" The report was prepared for the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Natick, Massachusetts. This comprehensive report was completed in September, 1997. A copy of the report can be downloaded by ftp.

Arrange for a showing of the Clark University Fluoride Forum on your local television station. This excellent forum turned the Worcester, Massachusetts fluoridation question into a landslide of no votes almost 2 to 1 against fluoridation. Dr. Mullenix and other scientists are on the panel. The profluoridationists were invited to attend this unbiased forum, but they were too conceited and did not join the panel.

The professional commercial quality 60 minute 3/4" tape of the forum costs $35 to reproduce and will provide excellent video on any commercial station. After the first 55 minutes there is a break so that the station may play only the first 60 minutes if desired. If they want the second 40 minute segment of public questions and statements then you should order both the 60 minute and 40 minute 3/4" tapes. (Both segments are included on the 1/2" VHS) Since the 3/4 format is only 60 minutes long both segments won't fit on one tape and we produce these by specific request only and it will take a day to send. Most cable stations will play the 1/2 inch video format with no question but the local commercial stations may insist on the professional 3/4" size tape. For copies of the tape, contact: Jeff Green, Citizens For Safe Drinking Water, Madrid Street 3243, San Diego, CA 92110, (800)728-3833(v) (619)222-6981(f) Email: jgreen@abac.com