Reprint of Text of Toothpaste Advertisement by Total Health Concept


Child toothpastes are generally made to taste so good that your child will actually want to eat it(1). However, did the manufacturers tell you about safety if swallowed? NoFluorideTM Child Herbal Toothpaste is completely natural and made of nature's finest ingredients. It is the first and only child toothpaste in Malaysia without any fluoride and is completely safe if swallowed. This is very critical as children in their formative years do not have the reflex to spit and tend to swallow.

There is growing acceptance that children living in areas where fluoride is added to drinking water do not need to use fluoride laced toothpaste. While a little fluoride is useful, ingesting too much can be harmful. Swallowing fluoride laced toothpaste results in a condition called fluorosis or fluoride poisoning. (2)

In mild cases, it manifests as white spots, but in more severe cases the teeth may be badly stained or deformed. Teeth with fluorosis have rough and pitted surfaces that are hard to clean. They are difficult to clean, thus, prone to decay. As it afflicts the permanent set, it affects your child for life. This means reduced self esteem and costly dental work (if this is at all possible). This is especially so in the age whe3n the teeth is still forming 6 months to 8 years of age.

Studies show that fluorosis affects more than 3 out of every 10 children in the United States. (3) Of these, some 10 percent suffer from a severe form of the condition. A well done study has shown that up to 70% of all fluorosis is a result of accidental swallowing of fluoride toothpaste (4).

In the light of these findings, the American Dental Association (ADA) now advises parents to use only a "pea size" of fluoride toothpaste and to supervise their children as they brush their teeth to make sure they spit out. Now with NoFluorideTM Child Herbal Toothpaste, you have a fluoride free alternative which is safe if swallowed. There is no need to supervise or worry.