Home 16 July, 1997

City Council Members, I am Philip Heggen

Recent news releases have borne out the statement to the Bremerton City Council that the fluoridation of drinking water has already become a house of cards waiting to fall.

An added warning label is now required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on all fluoride toothpastes shipped after April 7,1997, becoming consistent with bulk containers of fluoride chemicals provided to cities and toothpaste manufactures. These containers must be labeled "poison" with the skull and crossbones symbol for poison.

The scientists of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters in Washington, DC, in a news release just nine days ago, have taken a unanimous stand against fluoridation of drinking water, citing causal links between fluoride and a variety of health problems. According to the EPA union's July 2, 1997 statement, "the health and welfare of the public is not served by the addition of this substance (fluoride) to the public water". The statement points specifically to recent studies linking fluoride to lowered IQ in children. It also refers to evidence of cancer, genetic damage, neurological impairment, and bone pathology. The Union, which represents 1200 professionals (many with PhDs) directly responsible for assessing the scientific information relating to drinking water safety, has objected for more than a decade to EPA management positions on fluoride which are at odds with existing science. The EPA scientists have charged EPA management with "fraudulent alterations of data and negligent omission of fact to arrive at predetermined Agency political positions regarding fluoride".

Administrators of the Public Health Service are similarly at odds with existing science. They have been pitching fluoridation of water supplies to city councils and water districts across the country in a propaganda blitz, totally disregarding the growing body of evidence linking fluoride to manifold systemic damage in animals and human populations.This is exemplified by the local Health Department fluoride brochure published in 1993. The brochure is full of half-truths and misrepresentations. Yet, in the face of this growing evidence, the Public Health Service is pointedly urging public officials to approve adding fluoride to the public drinking water without a vote of the people! By now, you must have stopped to ask yourself, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Clear signs of corruption, fraud, and cover-up are now emerging, along with intimidation and persecution of scientists and other professionals who dare to speak the truth.

In 1990, Dr. William Marcus, a senior scientist at the EPA, was fired for exposing a cover-up in a government study showing that fluoride causes cancer. In 1992, EPA administrators ignored the Union representing all 1200 scientists, lawyers and engineers at EPA Headquarters, when the Union provided evidence of scientific fraud in the development of the fluoide in drinking water standard. Marcus found clear evidence that fluoride causes cancer. He pointed out that a review panel set up by the government had deliberately downgraded the results.

In December of 1992 Marcus was vindicated when Administrative Law Judge David A. Clark ordered EPA to give Marcus back his job, with back pay, legal expenses, and $50,000 in damages. EPA administrators appealed, but the appeal was turned down in 1994 by Secretary of Labor Robert Reich. The City Council's vote to fluoridate 50,000 plus citizens in Bremerton Water District must now be reconsidered. You Council Members have been informed of the dangers. If you ignore this you are liable, and there will be legal action.