The final budget in Bremerton has passed including $300,500 for Fluoridation The original 'estimate' was $90,000. How could they be so far off? They must either be quite dumb or else deceptive. They just couldn't be THAT dumb. So they were being DECEPTIVE.

Now hold on to your chair. $910,000 has been budgeted for corrosion control which includes a LYE injection system. If things go as planned, you will be drinking a cumulative poison with a lye chaser from now on, if you use the Bremerton water system. If you buy and drink bottled water you will still be paying for this system . The deception HERE is that the lye injection system is being purchased to reduce lead in the water caused by leaching of lead from pipes caused by our soft, natural, Pacific Northwest water. No, it will be required to counteract the severely corrosive action of fluoride on water pipes. Seattle has spent many millions of dollars on this since their water was fluoridated. This expenditure was necessitated by their pipe joint leaks city-wide. This would also happen in Bremerton without the million dollar lye kicker.

But I don't want to be continually drinking cocktails made with a cumulative poison and a lye kicker that will effect me in senior years as surely as a lifelong smoking habit.

For the above reasons, Bremerton Citizens For Safe Water is taking legal action on two fronts: a city initiative, and a Superior Court Injunction. You will be hearing more about this issue in the near future. It will be on the Internet. Look for it soon under *Fluoride Alert*.