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From: Ulf Bengtsson 
To: lynnlandes@earthlink.net 
Date: Saturday, February 20, 1999 2:35 AM
Subject: Fluoride

>I would like to bring my latest message to sci.med.dentistry to your
>attention. As I am sure you know Unilever is one of the big promoters of
>"Some weeks ago somebody posted an address to a site called Dental
> http://www.dentalfaculty.org/menu.htm.
>It was emphasised that it was an independent site. In fact the words
>independent/independence is mentioned three times in "Chairman's
>Statement, Charter, Rules and Registration". It is also said that: "As
>an independent site, Dental Faculty will neither discuss nor will it
>advertise commercially available products or services by brand or name."
>A bit further down the text says: "The Dental Faculty has been made
>possible and is supported through an educational grant from Unilever
>Dental Research. Unilever exclusively will have the right to provide
>access to sites of their own from the Home Page and will maintain this
>right for the term of their association with the Dental Faculty."
>Clicking on the Unilever Research button takes you to a world map. Click
>on your neck of the woods. Familiar with any of the trademarks and
>products shown?
>Is there any ethical discussion going on within the IADR regarding the
>links between dental science and industry?"
>Also have a look at
>Best wishes
>Ulf B

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