John Yiamouyiannis, PhD, biochemist, died on 8th October, 2000. Dr Yiamouyiannis was a biochemist of international repute, whose collaborative work on the association of fluoridation with significantly increased cancer deaths, with Dean Burk, PhD, a Founder Member and Chief Chemist of the American National Cancer Institute, is recorded in scientific journals and in court transcripts. In 1975, Burk and Yiamoiuyiannis performed additional studies which were published in the Congressional Record by Congressman James J. Delaney, author of the Delaney amendment prohibiting the addition of cancer-causing substances to food used for human consumption. Both of these reports confirmed the existence of a link between fluoridation and cancer. Dr Yiamouyannis was among many international scientists who testified at the 201-day hearings at the Edinburgh Court of Session, (Mrs Catherine McColl v Strathclyde Regional Council, 1981-1983), when Lord Jauncey ruled fluoridation to be UNLAWFUL. The Thatcher government legalised it in 1985.

Along with many ethical scientists, Yiamouyiannis took the slings and arrows thrown at those who dare to challenge artificial water fluoridation. Many have been denigrated and even sacked for opposing water fluoridation - notably William Marcus, PhD, Senior Toxicologist with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, who blew the whistle on the cover-up of the carcinogenicity of fluoride. Dr Phyllis Mullenix was sacked from her job as senior toxicologist at the Forsyth Dental Institute for publishing her findings on the neurotoxic effects of fluoride. She was fired because her work "was not relevant to dentistry." Marcus and Mullenix won their claims and received substantial financial recompense and Marcus was re-instated to his post at the Office of Drinking Water, USEPA. The press release >from the NHSCRD at York University on the Review of water fluoridation was headed "The Final Word on Fluoride." It reported that 12.5% of children in fluoridated areas have dental fluorosis which is "aesthetically concerning", but it failed to say that 48% of children in fluoridated areas - nearly 1 in every 2 children - have dental fluorosis - the visible evidence of fluoride poisoning. The Review found no evidence of cancer, or other adverse effects. The release did not mention the narrow criteria for the review, which deliberately excluded thousands of studies from consideration. Dr Mullenix' work was excluded because she used laboratory animals in her study.

In his best-selling book, "Fluoride, the Ageing Factor", (1983, reprinted 1986, 1993), Yiamouyiannis extensively documented the conspiracy to defraud. He wrote: (p 148): "Since the time that the promotion of fluoridation began, scientific evidence has progressed to the point where it can be shown that fluoridation is ineffective and responsible for the chronic poisoning of over 130,000,000 Americans. To save their reputations, the promoters of fluoridation have intimidated, slandered and lied. They have corrupted the legislative, judicial, and administrative bodies of our government. They have even perverted the very principles of science itself in their attempt to cover up the damage they have done by promoting fluoridation." The American Dental Association cautioned its fluoridation speakers: "Running up against Yiamouyiannis is not recommended." In August 1995, The British Dental Journal featured what can only be described as a scurrilous article, 'Putting Yiamouyiannis into Perspective', and refused publication of his reply*. Five years later, in July 2000, the BDJ was forced to include a grudging apology. [Text appended.].

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The BDJ article which appeared on August 19, 1995, was entitled: "Putting Yiamouyiannis into Perspective." The following appeared in the British Dental Journal, Volume 189, No.2, (p97) July 22 2000. "Statement from the British Dental Journal relating to Dr John Yiamouyiannis In August 1995 the British Dental Journal published an article, 'Putting Yiamouyiannis into Perspective', highly critical of Dr John Yiamouyiannis and his reasons for opposing fluoridation of water supplies. Dr Yiamouyiannis maintains that the criticisms in this article were misleading and unjustified, as outlined in an article he wrote and submitted to the British Dental Journal, which the Journal decided not to publish and which we has agreed to make available to those readers who request it (requests should be sent to Health Action Press, 6439 Taggart Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015, USA). The British Dental Journal and the British Dental Association do accept that fluoridation of water is the subject of genuine debate amongst respected bodies and individuals. Whilst the British Dental Journal and the British Dental Association stand by the criticisms made in the article and do not endorse Dr Yiamouyiannis' scientific methods, they acknowledge that there can be no question mark over Dr Yiamouyiannis' honesty, integrity and good faith and wish to correct any inference to the contrary in the article."

* A few weeks ago, Dr Yiamouyiannis gave the NPWA permission to use the article which the BDJ declined to publish. It is called "Putting the tactics of the major promoters of fluoridation into perspective." The complete text will be available on our website shortly.