Fluoridation News 2000

The Deseret News publishes misleading fluoridation news

September 3, 2000

To fluoridate or not to fluoridate will be decided by the voters in several counties in Utah this November. The Deseret News has published various letters and editorials. The editorials profess that voters should study the matter so they can make an informed choice. The Deseret News is informed that there are many web sites with accurate, timely information about fluoridation. In particular, the International Society for Fluoride Research (ISFR) is publishing the current and back issues of Fluoride on the web. The Deseret News carefully avoids making any reference to these sources of information.

Fluoride is the scientific journal of the ISFR. The ISFR web site is at www.fluoride-journal.com.

In one editorial, the Deseret News admits to believing that if people study about fluoridation, the only sensible conclusion is to support it. The communications to the Deseret News are carefully chosen to make it appear that opponents of fluoridation have unscientific ideas. When someone slants the evidence, but professes to be diligently expounding the truth, it is deceptive.

I suspect that the editors of the Deseret News have been influenced by a mind control system. In his 1957 book, Masters of Deceit, J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI, devoted an entire chapter to "thought control." He explained how it is used to control organizations by manipulating key individuals and news media with subliminal messages. People trust their leaders and the leaders continue to have good intentions, but bad decisions are made because everyone is lulled into thinking that all is well.

Hoover was concerned that the Soviets had acquired mind control technology. The Communist Party of the USA had thousands of members all over the country. He feared that these party members could become involved in a web of subversion using mind control systems. Hoover remained silent about how thought control is used by non-communist organizations. Any intelligence organization, public or private, can easily see the utility of mind control.

Fluoridation as a medical debate is not really the central issue. Fluoridation was an early method of increasing susceptibility to mass mind control. Other methods can make people more susceptible to mind control. The broader and more important issue is the need for mind freedom.

New evidence for the continuing decline of the effectiveness of fluoridation.

April 20, 2000

During the half century that fluoridation has been popular in the United States, the incidence of cavities has declined. The fluoridation promoters would attribute this to fluoridation. However, cavities have declined in both the fluoridated cities and the unfluoridated cities. Dental health statistics are showing a trend of increasingly less difference between the fluoridated and the unfluoridated regions. Dr. Bruce Spittle, in the November, 1999 issue of Fluoride magazine, reviews this trend of convergence of the statistics.

A Study published in the New York State Dental Journal by Kumar and Green in 1998 finds little difference in the degree of dental decay of children's teeth in Newburgh, a fluoridated city, and Kingston, an unfluoridated city. The children in Newburgh have about twice the rate of dental fluorosis. Newburgh was the first demonstration city for fluoridation and Kingston was the control. Newburgh has been fluoridated since 1945.

An article in the Boston Globe, November 27, 1999, reports a public health dental crisis in Boston. The rate of untreated cavities among Boston students was reported as four times the national average. In a 1996 dental survey, about 90 percent of 107 Boston high school students needed dental treatment. In a similar dental screening of students in the Boston area in 1997, 44 percent had obvious tooth decay and 11 percent had gum disease. Dental public health officers are planning a major campaign to improve dental health in the Boston area. Boston has had fluoridation since 1978.

Senator Thibaudeau sponsored a mandatory fluoridation bill in the current Washington State Legislature. Senator Thibaudeau wrote, "My interest in supporting this legislation is rooted in a trip I took last fall with other legislators to visit rural health care providers. We found a rural health care system in crisis, desperately needing a boost."

In a letter to the Spokane Spokesman-Review, Betty Fowler wrote, "Why is Senator Thibaudeau ignoring the dental crisis in her home town of Seattle, fluoridated since 1970? The Seattle P-I, June 3, 1997, reported that John Caron, chief, dental services, Seattle-King County Health Department, gave dental exams to children at Highland Park Elementary. By the end of the morning he found that 60 percent of the children had cavities! Wasn't fluoridation supposed to prevent this?"

These are some examples of the historical trend of convergence in comparing the fluoridated cities with the unfluoridated cities. Fluoridation made a difference in the early cavity statistics, at least for a few years. The incidence of cavities has gradually declined for many years in the developed countries whether the water was fluoridated or not. This process of convergence is reviewed by Bruce Spittle, M.D. in Fluoride, 1999.

For further reading:

Bruce Spittle, "Unraveling the fabric of fluoridation thread by thread," Fluoride, November, 1999, pp. 199-200.

Safe Water Coalition of Washington State, 5615 W. Lyons Ct., Spokane, WA 99208-3874, (509) 328-6704.

New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, P.O. Box 263, Old Bethpage, NY 11804-0263, (516) 378-7309.

JV Kumar and EL Green, "Recommendations for fluoride use in children. A review," New York State Dental Journal, February, 1998, pp. 40-47.

Fluoridation begins in Las Vegas, Nevada

March 31, 2000

Fluoridation began in Las Vegas on March 1, 2000. The people will vote on whether they want to continue fluoridation at the next election. The election will be in about three months.

Man sues for fluoridation damages

February 12, 2000

The Connersville City Council recently vote to fluoridate the city's water. James B. Gerni, a chiropractor, sued in small claims court. He seeks $3,000 for the cost of defluoridation equipment for his home. In his claim he stated, "Water fluoridation is not FDA approved, a specific poison, raises metal levels when cooking and is harmful to my family." He is demanding a jury trial.

Mandatory fluoridation bill in Washington State dies in committee

February 9, 2000

Senate Bill 6665 mandating fluoridation in Washington State died in the Ways & Means committee last night. Mike Easeley eat your heart out. Thanks to multiple phone calls, faxes, personal visitations from loyal anti-fluoridationists. Anne personally contacted very influential persons and they personally contacted the Committee Chairman and all our anti-fluoridationists kept the phone ringing until midnight last night, and lit fires under backsides of our supporters..

It will probably arise again in the next session. Just imagine, this Bill declared dental caries as an emergency threatening the welfare of the State, peace and good order. They included baby bottle tooth decay as related to lack of fluoridation.

Thank you to all who helped in our successful fight. WE WON!

Anne & Richard

Washington State Mandatory Fluoridation Alert

January 28, 2000

From Paul Drnjevic, pauldrn@silverlink.net, Fri Jan 28 11:24:56 2000:

Four bills relating to fluoridation of water are before the Washington State Legislature. SB 6567 would create a moratorium to prevent fluoridation of any area that is not now fluoridated. It is being held up in Committee. The purpose is to protect wildlife such as deer and salmon from fluoride pollution. Senator Thibaudeau says it is of no merit.

HB 2585 would do the same as SB 6567.

Please, do - really do - call the hotline (800.562.6000) to register that you want SB 6567 and HB 2585 to be passed. Right now 6567 has had a proofreading but is being held up in the Health and Long Term Care Committee by the Committee Head, Senator Pat Thibaudeau who is pro-fluoridation. Bet you didn't guess that!). No hearing is scheduled, but there is a hearing scheduled for her bill, SB 6665, "to mandate fluoridation statewide" to be on Monday, January 31, at 1:30 PM. If you go to the hearing, get in as early as you can and sign in to testify. Never testified before? Most of us haven't, but do a little prep and get on the list early. And when you sign in, copy down the names of the people who have signed ahead. It has been known to happen that they have the pro-fluoridation witnesses sign ahead by putting out the sign up sheet and then only the pro-fluoridationists can testify. But if we are early and have the names of the signers ahead of us, then it will be an embarrassment and they don't want that.

Known bills for mandatory fluoridation which have been introduced so far are:

SB 6665 is a bill to mandate fluoridation of public water supplies. It was introduced January 21, 2000, Hearing is to be held January 31, 2000 at 1:30 PM. SB 6665 was introduced after Senator Swecker's 6567, but will have a hearing. Dirty Politics?? Yes, but that is the way it is played.

SB 6275 would provide loans for certain public works projects. It would supply the the funding for new fluoridation equipment. This bill is now in the Ways and Means Committee.

You may call the hotline and have them pass a message to your Senator, 2 Representatives, and the Governor - tell them to vote for/sign SB 6567 and/or HB 2585, and to vote NO (against) and not sign SB 6665 and SB 6275. Also, tell them that you want SB 6567 to have a hearing and to let it be brought to the floor - to get it out of Committee.

You may call the Legislative Hot line (800.562.6000) to get the status of all bills relating to fluoride - ask the operator to look up any bill which is dealing with fluoride. You can get the bills faxed to you (They don't email them). For sure they will snail mail them.

Information about these bills is on the web at http://leginfo.leg.wa.gov or at http://access.wa.gov.


From: JohnJBecke@aol.com, Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2000 00:24:46 EST, Subject: The state Fluoride mandate:

I don't believe that the Sun is running anything on this law or are the papers in the other four cities that have voted against Fluoride because they want to let us go to sleep and then after they have passed the law then they will start running the mandate articles.

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