Fluoride test results prompt opposition to fluoridation

July 12, 2001

Ireland is one of the few countries where the water systems are fluoridated by national law.

Last month, British expert Dr Peter Mansfield, agreed to analyze urine samples of the eight councillors of Kildare County for fluoride. The lab results show that six councillors were found to be ingesting more than three milligrams per day. One councillor had more than six milligrams per day. More than three milligrams per day is excessive. The chairman of the council, Rainsfort Hendy, had 5.4 milligrams per day.

"I was very surprised. I had never really thought about it before but from now on I will be watching my water intake as will the other councillors who took part. This is a national issue now. What we are really concerned about is the damage it could be doing to the whole population and that there is no choice but to take fluoride because it's in our water by law. We want this issue looked at urgently," Chairman Hendy said, as quoted in the Irish Independent.

Opposition to the four decades old national fluoridation law is growing. Earlier this year, the Fine Gael party announced they will stop fluoridation if they win the next general election.

Mr. Pocock, a representative of the Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment, pointed out that the amount of fluoride in drinking water in Ireland is three to six times higher than the recommended safe limit for infants in Britain.