Fluoride Test Kits

May 14, 2001

The Kildare County Council, Ireland, on Monday 30th April, voted to oppose fluoridation. Dr. Peter Mansfield agreed to provide the council with test kits for urinary fluoride. Dr. Mansfield has often found that the urinary fluoride is higher than people would have suspected. People who do not even drink fluoridated water may have a high rate of ingestion of fluoride from other sources.

Kildare Council cross-party motions resulted after hearing arguments by the Chief Dental Officer at the Department of Health, Dr Gerard Gavin, at its January meeting followed later in April by opposing arguments put by leading fluoride expert Dr Peter Mansfield, member of a Fluoride Working Group recently set up by the UK National Health Service, and by Robert Pocock of Voice of Irish Concern for the Environment. VOICE has called for fluoridation to be stopped immediately.

The thrust of the opposing arguments put to councillors was that fluoride levels in individuals in both fluoridated regions such as Kildare are already too high as demonstrated by Dr Mansfield using test results in both unfluoridated and fluoridated parts of the UK. Dr Mansfield explained "Some of these high levels are associated with complaints from bone problems to Irritable Bowel Syndrome ; if the patient can reduce fluoride intake or cut it down to a minimum , symptoms disappear in a matter of weeks or months " . Coincidentally a councillor confirmed to the chamber that his own IBS problems were cured in this very manner.

Motions from Senator John Dardis (PD s) and Emmet Stagg TD ( LABOUR ) that the EPA check fluoride content in the water supplies , the Health Board carry out tests to check fluoride levels in individuals in the county and that in keeping with the Precautionary Principle the planned new fluoridation schemes be deferred in the meantime were carried without division.

"Recognising the dearth of information on individuals' fluoride levels in the county " said VOICE spokesman Robert Pocock, " Dr Mansfield has generously agreed to provide all 25 councillors with free kits to measure fluoride levels from urine samples . If they are returned promptly to his UK laboratory , results could be available for the next council meeting " he added saying " these will be the first clear indication of the fluoride levels in the residents of county Kildare ".

Dr. Mansfield is Director of Templegarth Trust. He is President of the National Pure Water Association, an organization which aims to stop fluoridation in the UK. He was a member of the Advisory Panel for the York Fluoridation Review.

Dr. Mansfield says, "Templegarth Trust took an interest in this ten years ago and established a laboratory for testing the fluoride level in urine samples from our clients. We have now tested well over a thousand separate individuals scattered across the UK, chiefly in the Midlands."

"There is no case here for widening the scope of fluoridation schemes. On the contrary, careful research should be urgently commissioned to fill the embarrassing gaps in our knowledge. The Good HealthKeeping fluoride laboratory is still the only way private citizens can check their fluoride consumption - NHS GPs have almost no facilities."

The Good HealthKeeping website is at www.ghk.uklinux.net.

source in part: IFIN 294