Rams M/C honored with F-16 combat wing.

In one of his first official acts President George W. Bush commanded the 178th Fighter Wing of the Ohio Air National Guard to adopt the color scheme of the Rams M/C. "All my life growing up I had wanted to be a Ram." stated the new President. "Unfortunately I was not worthy but I would nonetheless like to honor those historic souls and all round splendid characters with this small offering of our nations gratitude." Henceforth the Wing will sport the familiar red and yellow checks of the Rams M/C on the upper surface of their F-16's vertical stabilizer.

In a show of bipartisan support former VP Al Gore applauded the announcement as the right thing for the country. Former President Clinton was unavailable for comment but Monica Lewinsky was heard to coo excitedly that the Rams were the finest examples of American manhood she ever had the pleasure to be with.