Modern Day Vintage Racing

Here's my recently restored 1973 Honda CR-250 Elsinore. I purchased this bike brand new back in Nov. 73 and raced it in BtoV two weeks later. Don't remember what place I took but I did trophy.  Last time this bike was run was in Jan 1976. After that it sat in my aunts barn collecting dust and rust. In December last year (1999) I decided to race again so out of the barn it came. A few months and about $2500 later here it is. (Crimmony I only paid about $1300 for it brand spankin new.) Still has the original piston in fact. About the only change was the Works Performance rear shocks.  The old Curnutts just didn't seem right for MX.

Here's my 1973 Bultaco 350 Sherpa T.  Thought I'd give the go slow and don't fall hard stuff a try.  (Man... trials is tough.)

Tulare Vintage MX April 9, 2000. My first race in over 24 years. Heck, I hadn't even ridden a bike in all that time.  (Well, I did go deer hunting on a buddies Trail 90 about 10 years ago but that hardly counts.)  I couldn't ride worth beans but getting back handlebar to handlebar again sure opened my eyes. yeehaa!!!

And you never know what sort of dark denizens of times long past you might run into.   I was just driving into the pits at Tulare on Sunday morning when I hear someone yell out my name.  Looked over and there's ol Ken Newton.  (Of the infamous DORF fame for those of you lucky enough to remember the wild times in that old Ford van.   Jeez Louise how did we ever get so many blitzed people in that thing? How did we ever find our way to the starting line the next day???)

Kenny's now in the Checkers (dirty rotten bastard ;> ) and still racing Dez and MX.

And no... we do not have gray hair. No really we don't.  I swear.  There must have been dust on the camera lens.