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Speedily may my feet bear me to some town of righteous
men; for their hearts are generous and their wit is best.
Homer -- Epigrams II.1-2

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Nice essays:
Klawetter's Myth Paper 'Myth','Truth','Fact'
Sylvia's list of books Lewis read (see below for links to some such)

Background on Lewis' books:
Rand re Determinism -- Similar to Lewis' "Cardinal Difficulty of Naturalism"
Aristotle and Miracles argument -- also similar, very similar to p. 28 of /Miracles/. (Wonder who cribbed? :-)
See A. O. Lovejoy's The Great Chain of Being, (1933), for lots of good background on Discarded Image, PoP, etc.

Notable Burton posts:
Burton re physics and freedom (March 15 & 16)

Notable Rilstone Posts:
Re 'Liar/Lunatic/Lord'
Lewis' view of Bible 'fable' elements posted Dec 6
index of Rilstone subdirectory

Notable Dodsworth Posts:
index of Dodsworth subdirectory

Mary Rants:
God, Gygax, Brahman post against PoP Ch 2
About 'The 8/13' Re the old objective moral/honor code. Replies in Dec 14 archive.
Lewis's 8/13 Headings Where did he get them?????? Loxias' Answer

Polytheism and Bandwagons -- posted Feb 25, 1998, as "Bandwagons"
Mildly off-topic rants:
BD's Wager Part 1 -- rather personal, not posted to ng
New Age Processing of Certain Statements -- not posted to ng

Useful Links outside this site:

C. S. Lewis Mega-Links Page    Dave Armstrong's page, with the best set of scholarly and semi-scholarly Lewis/Inklings links I have yet seen! Lots of fascinating essays by Lindskoog, Don King, Bruce Edwards, many more; and links to more yet.
MERELEWIS homepage: Merelewis email digest subscription info, instructions for searching its archives, etc
Lewis Chronology publication dates of L's books and other major events :-)
Into the Wardrobe much good misc and links
Rilstone's CSL page FAQ, good essays
Drake's homepage He links to Richard Mitchell. "It's hard to see how a Lewis fan can not love this book."
Universal Moral Law Re "The 8/13"
History of 'Natural Law' concept After the first two pages (current conservative politics), a good concise history of some ideas Lewis talks about in /Abolition/ and in /Miracles/ ("Further Difficulty of Naturalism").

Re books Lewis read or quoted:

Sylvia's list of books Lewis read, which she got from from William Griffin's _Clive Staples Lewis: A Dramatic Life_

Links to books Lewis quoted, off-site:

Classics Pages Loxias' Oracle, and an easy door to the world CSL, JRRT, et al grew up in, beyond the peak in Darien....
Many links to Greek classics etc
Flatland A classic mathematical sci-fi about ... Flatlanders' spheres and all that.
Boethius Consolatio -- a sort of 5th Cen AD "Mere Plationism" full of MC-style syllogisms
Tristram Shandy Indescribable. Go read it! Home of Uncle Toby

Re archives of alt.books.cs-lewis:
I have archives on file from October 1997 to present (not quite complete).  Pls email me if you want copies. Currently I am uploading only the more notable posts, at Footnotes Etc