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"What's worth having and spending is time itself, for that's all you really get in this world. Time and a chance to experience love..."
- anon.

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Michael Dooley

I have a wife and three grown kids. I am fond of computer technology and generally into what passes for the machine age in the late twentieth century. Oops, now the twenty-first. In my spare time, I mess around on boats. In the past few years, that has meant running rivers in inflatable rafts.

My wife and I live in scenic Camp Meeker, a rural community in western Sonoma county about 50 miles north of San Francisco, California. Camp Meeker nestles at the bottom of a redwood forest - we never lack for shade here. We are located about 18 miles from the Pacific ocean.

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Rebecca Dooley

Rebecca graciously consented to be my wife about twenty years ago. (Or was it longer ago than that? I never can remember the details.) She brought two children from a former marriage with her, Danny and Maggie. She is a seamstress and also works at Wayward Gardens in the hills west of Sebastopol. She likes to read novels and hike the nearby hills and ocean beaches.

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Danny O'Neill

Danny graduated from UCLA with a film major. He discovered that he had AIDS just before he graduated. He was able to work in the film industry in Los Angeles for almost three years before he succumbed to the ravages of this nasty disease in May of 1992. He left behind many friends and a loving family. We miss him.

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Maggie O'Neill

Maggie lives in L.A. with her husband, Paul Alexander, who tells jokes for a living. She works in the film business (editing now!) and writes screen treatments in conjunction with Paul. She keeps cats and drives an Alfa Romeo. She is very tricky. So tricky that she and Paul now have their own Webpage. You can see her stuff at the Dan O'Neill page. That's right, the guy who used to draw Odds Bodkins for the San Francisco Chronicle. He is still drawing those delightfully quirky (but dead-on) cartoon strips. Send her e-mail at Hey, its HER address, not mine.

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Rachel Dooley

Rachel graduated from school at U.C. Santa Cruz the Spring of 1997. She met this Canadian in England while studying abroad in 1995-1996 and, except for the dictates of the Canadian government, they appeared to be inseperable. So much so that in August of 1999, they were officially married. After majoring in Fine Arts, she wants to illustrate children's literature, but is now working for the City of Vancouver as a librarian. She can be reached at, a throw away e-mail account. Or you can click here to see what she and Mike have been up to.

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Maureen Jennifer Dooley

Her friends know her as Maureen; there were too many Jennifers when she started school. She sings, she dances, she has a great act going for her. Her most favorite activity is travel - her trip to Europe after high school left her wanting more. She attended school in Santiago, Chile, from January of 1999 through Spring of 2000. She will graduate from U.C. Santa Cruz in the summer of 2001 - I guess this means that she finally decided on a major. You may e-mail Jennifer at

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