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We provide construction information and drafting services to builders throughout California and the adjacent states. We generate full sets of conventional building plans as well as shop drawings of every floor, wall, ceiling and roof in your project. Along with cut lists and layout lists, these drawings and diagrams save our clients both time and money. Drawing output is provided on vellum and/or blueprints, as well as individual plot files. We use the Internet, fax, and overnight mail to communicate rapidly and effectively.

Information about your project is entered into our computer using the latest 3D construction modeling software. The model not only looks like your building, it can be automatically framed and used to generate a detailed estimate. Our software cuts each piece of lumber to fit and places it in the proper "world space" of the model, just like a carpenter would ordinarily do, thus eliminating the need to read and analyze sketchy plans. Once the size and shape of every piece of lumber is known, your lumber cutting is organized for efficient use of material. This ultimately means building higher quality homes at a lower cost while cutting down fewer trees.

A simple example model

Below is a small project example. You may click on the images to see different views generated from the 3D model.

Framed barn generated with SolidBuilder
View of framed barn on slab
Click here to see a larger image (42K)

To the left and below are pictures taken from the 3D model of a barn/workshop that was created for Dr. Will Wells. It is a simple design, but it serves to show the framing and 3D drawing format of SolidBuilder, our software of choice. Click here to see more views of the framed workshop. This design was easy to enter due to its simplicity. The rapidly evolving 3D model made it easy for the client to visualize his project and to determine its final shape. Working drawings were quickly produced from the model, submitted to the county and approved in short order. To see plans that were created from this model, please click here.



The estimate generated from the model helped Dr. Wells to obtain bids based on fairly detailed construction data. The production diagrams and sheathing drawings of each wall and roof enabled his contractor to quickly erect the barn/workshop shell with minimal waste. Production drawings, cut lists and layout lists together generally allow rapid and accurate construction of projects much more complex than this one, allowing major gains in productivity and eliminating on-the-job calculation errors. Construction using information from the model becomes more like assembly rather than the arduous translation of 2D drawings into a 3D reality. Please click here to see some example production and sheathing cutting drawings that were done for the barn project.
Presentation quality image of the same workshop
View of barn with roof and siding
Click here to see a larger image (31K)

Our specialities

We can provide you with a full set of conventional CAD drawings including foundation plans, floor plans, floor and roof framing plans, sections, elevations, plot plans, electrical plans and custom details. Because all of these drawings are generated from a single 3D solid model, discrepancies between plans are eliminated. Detail drawings are custom to your project instead of generic.

When changes to the project are desired, the model can be modified and views of the changes rapidly printed, letting you and your client see the immediate effect of the changes. Our 3D pictures help everyone easily visualize the evolving project. Changes to the working drawings previously derived from the model can be made in a few simple keystrokes.

You get pictures of all the framing detail areas in your project. Any design flaws become immediately known and much easier to resolve. You can see any view of the model, make any component or set of components visible or invisible and get a wide variety of views of the project quickly and at low cost.

We lower the cost of building

We work out complex roof framing details before you have to build them (or pay to have them built) on site. We provide clear, easy to read diagrams and pictures of your project before one shovel of dirt is turned. Labeled and dimensioned framing diagrams (production drawings) of each floor, wall, ceiling and roof are created first. Cut lists and layout lists are created along with the framing diagrams. The cut list contains all the measurements and angles necessary to cut each piece of raw material, eliminating the time and potential errors of on-site calculation. The layout list contains the measurement and location information for final assembly of the cut materials. Lumber can be cut in bulk, since measurement data is provided before construction begins. Our shop drawings and framing diagrams save you money by decreasing framing labor and dramatically cutting material waste.

Other benefits include reduced dependency on skilled labor, reduced idle time for the crew, less material wastage, and fewer reorders. The total time to analyze plans, order materials, cut components, and assemble the structure is shortened from weeks to days. "Calculate, cut and fit" turns into "cut and nail."

More advantages

Having plans drawn up is an intermediate step from the project's conception to its' physical reality. Our clients tell us that more construction information in their hands means more control over their project. And better project control means a higher quality product along with lower costs. Builders using our service have reported that the information from SolidBuilder has simplified the building process. Cut, nail, done.

The bottom line

We provide more information than conventional CAD or architectural services which enables you to save time and money.
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