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Information needed for the 3D solid model

This is a list of the information that we need to begin your project. We list default (or assumed) shell descriptions for the convenience of our clients. All key dimensions must be included in your plans and specifications. Any dimensions not given will be based on our interpretation of building practices conforming to UBC codes. Changes to the model from your original set of specifications will be done at an additional cost. Please provide any other information you feel necessary or helpful. Click here to see our Options and Costs page.
General Information  
Job name:  
Job address:  
Parcel, lot number and size:  
Contractor/designer name:  
Address & phone number:  
License no. (if applicable):  
Direction of north  
Location of septic  
Setbacks to perimeter  

Shell Information Default Description Client Specification
Footer width and depth 12"x6"-1 story, 16"x8"-2 story  
Stem wall width 6"-1 story, 8"-2 story  
Sill plate sizes 5_1/2"  
Joist size and spacing 2x10", 16" o.c.  
Decking size and type 3/4" T&G plywood  
Channels under parallel and load brg. walls  
Blocking (indicate midspan and/or special framing)  
Beams in floor (describe special framing)  
Slab depth 4"  
Elevation of each floor and slab (porch, main, garage)  
Girders and Posts:
Post dimensions 4x4 (3_1/2" x 3_1/2")  
Girder dimensions 4x10 (3_1/2" x 9_1/4")  
Standard wall height 8'1" (92_1/2" studs + 4_1/2" 3 plates)  
Wall thickness Interior 3_1/2" Exterior 5_1/2"  
Standard blocking height 4' (indicate other)  
Exterior sheathing 1/2" 4x8 CDX  
Sheathing extension top & bottom 1_1/2" top, 1" bottom  
Sheathing opening holdback 1_1/2"  
Framing layout 16" o.c. w/3 plates  
Angles of non 90 degree walls    
Header information single 6x12 DF  
Special framing (garage doors, post trimmers)  
Door width difference 2" (3'0" door = 3'2" rough opening)  
Door height difference 2_3/4" (6'8" door = 6'10_3/4" header height)  
Window width difference 0"  
Window height difference 0" = 6'10_3/4" header height  
Joist size and spacing 2x6 (5_1/2" deep ceilings) 24" o.c.  
Rafter size and spacing 2x8 (7_1/4" thick roofs) 24" o.c.  
Pitch of each roof 4/12 pitch  
Hip, ridge & valley member sizes 2x10 (9_1/4" deep)  
Exterior sheathing 1/2" 4x8 CDX  
Rafter/wall bearing info seat cut 5_1/2"  
Blocking at ext. walls or other ext. wall shear blocking  
Eave overhangs 24", 2x8 depth, plumb cut  
Gable overhangs 18", 2x4 lookouts @24" o.c.  
Fascia size 1x10  
Total rise and run each flight 8'11" rise, 11'8" run  
Tread height, tread depth 7 5/8" rise & 10" run  

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