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"We are now ready to start on our way down the Great Unknown. Our boats, tied to a common stake, chafe together as they are tossed by the fretful river. Their loads are lighter than we could desire, for we have but a month's rations remaining..."
(Major) John Wesley Powell

Grand Canyon June of 1985

Running the Colorado river for the first time was a hoot! The river was unique, the scenery was over the top. Northern Arizona reminded me of a Howard Hawk's western - I never stopped scanning the horizon lines. Please click here to read my trip journal and see some pictures from that first great trip. This journal has been split into six parts to facilitate faster loading.

Grand Canyon July of 1986

I got another chance to visit heaven a year later. I hiked out at Phantom though, even though I knew it was a bad idea and not a smart move. But a week on the Colorado, I couldn't pass it up. Please click here to read the journal from the second trip - I didn't get many pictures on this one.

Grand Canyon June of 1992

The next trip was unlike anything you'd ever plan for yourself. It was my permit this time and the situation before the put-in was hardly easy. The Grand Canyon was still heaven though. Please click here to read the 1992 journal and see some pictures from the third trip. I also cut this journal into six parts to facilitate faster loading.

What's it like to go on a Canyon trip?

This guy has been down the Colorado more than a few times and he tells it like it is in his own inimitable way. Click here to read about what you can expect from a trip down the river in the Grand Canyon. It's a real blast of fresh air.

Grand Canyon Outlaw

Rocky Contos tells a story of a sureptitious Outlaw run down the Colorado. His fable first appeared in the rec.boats.paddle newsgroup in late January of 1997 and it was only fitting that it found a home here. Enjoy.

Grand Canyon September of 2007

Three of us banded to gether to get a better chance in the lottery. After getting a September launch date, we still had plenty of things to iron out. Please click here to read my 2007 trip report.

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