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Project Options and their Costs

Below are the general range of services that we offer. Please send us your plans and specifications with the minimum information requested on our Project Information page and we will either give you a project bid or an hourly rate. Design and modeling services are typically billed at $35.00 per hour. Shop and working drawings generated from the model are either bid at a fixed price for the entire project or billed at $55.00 per hour. Prices quoted will vary due to the complexity of the building, the conditions imposed by the site, the particular roof design, or the floor plan desired. Rates for changes to the model beyond the design stage will be billed at $55.00 per hour.

Our general rate for modeling and design is $35.00 per hour. This generally works out to about $2.00 to $3.00 per square foot for a set of quality plans.

Plots on reproducible medium are billed at $3.00 per sq. ft. "Blueprints" done on bond are billed at $0.40 per sq. ft. Our clients are responsible for any expenses incurred in reproducing and delivering the output.

Basic Model Basic Output Basic Fee
We create the 3D model 3D views showing all sides and roof $0.60 per sq. ft.
   (foundations extra) 3D views of the int. and exterior walls  
Framed Model Additional Output Additional Fee
We frame the model, then create 3D views of the framed model $0.20 to $0.60 per sq. ft.
framing diagrams, sheathing drawings, Production & sheathing drawings and lumber  
and lumber lists. lists for walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs  
  Shell label diagrams  
Take-off from the Model Additional Output Additional Fee
  Estimate and bill of materials $0.20 to $0.30 per sq. ft.
Working Drawings Output plotted on Additional Fee
  reproducible medium $0.70 to $0.85 per sq. ft.
  Site plan, Floor plans  
  Foundation plans  
  Elevations from 4 sides  
  Framing plans - including floor joist  
  and rafter layouts (or truss layout)  
  Sections and custom details  

General Payment Schedule: $500.00 retainer to begin work, bi-weekly invoices submitted until completion of basic model per agreement. Working drawings to be billed via bi-weekly invoice either hourly rate or contract bid. Full contract amount due upon completion of construction drawings and related documents.

Michael Dooley & Associates accepts no responsibility for structural engineering of the plans. It is the client's responsibility to ensure the plan's adherence to local building codes and practices.

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