California CFS & FMS Support Groups Directory
Last updated January 3, 2013

WHAT SHOULD GO WITHOUT SAYING MUST BE SAID: The individuals who run these support groups are themselves sick, often very sick. Meeting dates, time, and places change as the hosting site changes their policies and schedules relating to the provision of free meeting space for local support groups. Because some callers harrassed and annoyed the volunteer group leaders and their families, or called at totally inappropriate times of day or night, I have removed most of the phone numbers from these listings to protect the lives and limited energy of those who give of their severely restricted functional time to others.

Orange County


Huntington Beach - CFIDS South Coast
National FM Awareness Campaign


CFIDS South Coast*
5200 Heil Avenue #23
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

National Fibromyalgia Association
2238 N. Glassell Street, Suite D
Orange, CA 92865

Information and resources for people with FM. For more information, visit the site.


Check out FM Aware's excellent quarterly magazine.


An * next to a group name indicates that this group may be defunct or inactive.

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