Links & Sources

An assortment of links to artists, manufacturers, and technologies mentioned throughout the site.

Artists, Friends and Clients

Craig Anderton
Wendy Carlos
Tom Coster (Santana, solo)
Larry Fast (Synergy)
Peter Gabriel (Genesis, solo)
Herbie Hancock
T Lavitz (Dixie Dregs, Jazz Is Dead)
Don Slepian

Electronics & Synth DIY

Aaron's Machine Screws - black oxide hardware source
Archive Sound - Pratt Read keyboard rebuild kits - DIY front panels and brackets
DigiKey Electronics
Gibralter Hardware - substitute source for Ultimate ThinkerToy type parts
Mouser Electronics
Stooge Industries - (now discontinued)
Tellun Corp - DIY PCBs
Ultimate Support Systems - ThinkerToy components for stands and racks (now discontinued)

Music Industry & Publications

Electronic Musician magazine
Electronotes newsletter
Keyboard magazine (GPI Publications)
Museum of Making Music
Synthtopia - online reference site for all things synth ... more synthaholics from Des Moines! ;-)

Over-the-ear headphones reviews article


Blacet Research
Paia Electronics
Synthesis Technologies
Wine Country Sequential

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