I've been a Mac user from the start. And was an Apple II user before that! (Since around '78) I remember meeting Steve and Woz at the First Annual West Coast Computer Fair in '76 in Santa Clara, and seeing the Apple II demoed there. Playing Brickout on a projection TV! What a hoot. I had the Alpha Syntauri synth with the Mountain Music cards around '80 to '83 or so.

I also spent some time in the '90's doing software QA and software test engineering for the Peter Norton Tools Group of Symantec, while they were developing release 4 of Norton Utilities for Macintosh. I created "damaged" file systems, and archived the disk images (hundred's of them!) in a large database which would then be accessed by test automation during regression testing of new builds of Norton Utilities. By running the program against a known profile of several hundred types of disk problems, a "success rate" could be calculated to ensure all standard problems were being handled by any given build of the software.

I use the Mac intensively in the studio, running MOTU digital audio I/O, and Logic, SoundDiver and Peak software packages, amongst others. All spread across 2 - 20" LCDs ... what a luxury, but well worth it in the studio.

Other Macs sprinkled around the house serve as file servers, backup servers, communication servers, and client machines for checking email or browsing. All are connected by wireless ethernet.

Naturally, these web pages were ...

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updated 4/04/06