For the Gearheads -

... Subject to revision, ... as always! ;-)


Core components

MOTU 2408mkII
Onkyo TA-2700 cassette deck
(2) Rane SM-82
Soundcraft FX-16


(3 pr) AR Powered Partners
AKG K240
Sennheiser EH2200
(3) Sony MDR-7506
(2) Sony MDR-7509
Stewart PA-200
(2) Stewart PR1000
UREI 809 (pair)
UREI 811B (pair)


Alesis Q20
Lexicon MPX550
Headway Phase Shifter
Paia 6710 Vocoder
(5) Paia Phlanger


Epiphone Jack Casady Signature (and got Jack to autograph the original pick guard!)
Tacoma Thunderchief CB10CE4 acoustic-electric bass, with the Fishman pickup system
Hohner B2B Steinberger bass
Morrie Jones custom bass - photos to come!
Dean Markley Blue Steel strings

Amp rack containing:
SWR Interstellar Overdrive (previously owned by Andy West of Dixie Dregs), plus optional Drive foot pedal
Korg DTR-2000-BL tuner
Stewart PR1000 power amp

(2) SWR Triad I 3-way cabinets

Raven Labs PHA-1 high def headphone amp
Gallien Krueger MB150S MicroBass Amp with a 112MXB extension cabinet
SWR Super Redhead combo, transitional model
Mu-Tron Octave Divider
Boss Bass Chorus


Akai ME-35T percussion-to-MIDI controller
ARP 1613 sequencer
Bionic Trumpet (DIY tone generator, played like a trumpet)
(2) Boss BP-1 drum trigger pads
Doepfer MAQ16/3 sequencer
Doepfer MCV24 24 channel MIDI-to-CV
E-Mu Launch Pad
Kurzweil XM-1 ribbon controller
M-Audio Oxygen8 keyboard
Paia 4782 CV keyboard converted to 1v/o
Paia 4783 Joystick Controller QKB15S 5-Octave Studio Keyboard


PowerMac G5 2.3G Dual Core w/ 9G RAM (for audio)
PowerMac G4 533DP w/ 1G CL2 RAM (boots OS9 for SoundDiver)
(2) Dell FP2001 LCD monitors

Apple Logic Studio 8
Bias Peak Pro 6
Absynth 3
Battery 3
VSamp 3.7
VSTi Host 3.13
Propellerheads Recycle 2
Model E - soft MiniMoog
Emagic Sounddiver

and more ... toooo much ;-)


Fender Limited Edition Hot Rod Deluxe (lacquered tweed, with a Jensen P12)
Behringer V-Amp Pro
G&L ASAT Classic honeyburst w/ maple neck, upgraded G&G hardshell case
Jerry Jones Master Sitar
Dean Markley Blue Steel strings

Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9 (modified)
(2) DeArmond volume pedal

Guild 1980 F412 12 string
Yamaha FG-180 w/ LRBaggs pickup
Yamaha FG-230 12 String
Korg TU-11 and TU-12 tuners

Check back for documentation and photos of the 'Morrie Jones Collection'


Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.2
Paia Stringz 'n' Thingz w/ stereo option
Paia Organtua
(3) Paia Oz

MIDI Modules

E-Mu Planet Earth
E-Mu Audity 2000 plus Xtreme ROM
MOTU MidiExpress XT USB
MOTU Midi Timepiece AV USB
(2) Yamaha TG-77 (with Sax, String, Drum, Rock & Pop sound cards)

Modular Analog Synthesizer

10 MOTM frames
8 Blacet frames
2 Paia frames
(2) 2U bulk power supply for entire system
Korg DTR-1000-BL tuner

Blacet modules

(6) 2100 VCO
1 stock Mini Wave
(3) 2430 Micro LFO
(4) 2070 VC ADSR
(3) 2030 Final Filtre
2310 Filthy Filtre
(2) 2020 Frequency Divider
(2) 2300 Binary Zone
(3) 2200 quad VCA
(2) 2410 Dual Linear VCA
(3) 2040 Mixer / Processor
(2) 2050 Time Machine
(2) 2000 Dark Star Chaos
(4) 2520 Bar Graph displays (green)
2225 Input Processor
2800 Hex Zone sequencer / sequential switch

(2) MOTM format 2440 Blacet StonZ VC phasers
MOTM format 2090 Blacet / Wiard Mini Wave w/ 6 PROMs + VC control

Synthesis Technology (MOTM) modules

100 S&H / Noise
(2) 101 S&H / Noise
110 VCA / RM
120 Sub Oct Mux + Tellun 120db mods
(4) 190 uVCA
(6) 300 UltraVCO
(4) 310 uVCO
(3) 320 LFO + Tellun 320r mods
(2) 380 quadLFO
(4) 390 uLFO
410 Filter Bank + trying to add OMS-410 companion module
(3) 440 OTA VCF
490 uVCF
510 WaveWarper
(2) 700 Switch
(6) 800 ADSR + Tellun 800db mods
820 Lag + OMS-820 companion module
810 mini Mixer
(3) 830 Mixer
850 Pedal Interface
900 Power

Buchla modules

Resonant LPG

Encore modules

Frequency Shifter
Universal Envelope Generator (UEG)

Oakley modules

(2) Control-3

Paia modules

(2) P9700 S (1 stock, 1 without the MCV8)
4712 Reverb module
4730 VCF
4740 EG
2720-11 EF

Bridechamber modules

CGS Cynare module
(2) YuSynth Standards

Metalbox modules

(2) CGS Wave Multiplier

Wiard modules

GR-1210B Noise Ring


(2) CGS Slope Detectors (Frac)
(2) MOTM format CGS Wave Multipliers
(2) Joystick controllers (Frac)
(6) Cascading Mults (2 Frac, 2 MOTM 1U, 2 MOTM 2U)
(2) Performance Tuning Controllers
(10) Bias/Mults built into Frac rack ears

Other Instruments

Boss HC-2 Hand Clap Synth
Conn trumpet
(6) Hohner Marine Band and Blues Harp harmonicas
Latin Percussion Tumba
Paia Gnome microsynthesizer
Misc. percussion - Kalimba, shakers, tambourine, maracas, claves, jaw harp, nose flute

Other Studio Infrastructure items

Auralex MoPads
Behringer CT-100 Cable Tester
Boss FS-5L (3), FS-5U, FS-6 (2), AB-2 footswitches
ConducTool 1/4" plug/jack contact refurbishing tool - I wish they made one of these for mini-jacks! (ConducTool is now out of business)
(3) DeArmond 1602 pedals (one is a third-party Paia/DeArmond model)
Furman PL-Pro
(3) Furman PL-PlusDM
(2) Furman Plug-Lock
Middle Atlantic Products rack rails, panels, drawers, CD-1, DIY chassis's and other rack accessories
Mogami cabling and patch cords used exclusively
(6) Neutrik and Furman normalled TRS patchbays
Oblique Strategies, Revision 3
Omnirax Commander workstation furniture
Opcode MIDI Translator II
Pomona patch cord racks - many of all 3 models
Quik Lok racks (RS 954, (2) RS 956), QL640 amp stand, music stands, dual guitar stand, (3) Mic stands and booms
Rack Release Systems quick release rack screw system - I can't recommend these guys highly enough!
(4) Raxcess Headphone Hangers (both models)
Samson PowerBrite Pro
(2) Shure SM57 microphones
(2) Shure SM58 microphones
Ultimate Support Systems - (3) GS100 guitar stands, AMP150 amp stand, and ThinkerToys all over the place - What a concept! Sorry they discontinued them!

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