The Studio

One of the main reasons we bought this place (March 2000) was because of this little building for the music studio, as well as the property and nature here. Little did we know the trials and tribulations we would go through before we could use this space as intended. But, nevertheless, we completed the construction work and got it signed off for occupancy in July 2002. And I spent the rest of 2002 painting the outside, and getting things inside ready to use.

Spring 2003 :

View from the lower meadow

View from the driveway

The "chill" zone by the window

View out the bay window

Janet's fully sprung maple tap floor

Kitchenette corner

Synth area

Workstation area

Fall 2007 :

Working on soundtrack proposals and sample tracks for a local production of the play "Art".

Shows the newer 6 ft. tall version of the Slimline synth racks, covered in my SynthDIY projects pages.

PB280046.JPG PB280052.JPG

Fall 2008, after rearrangement of several frames in the synth for the next project :

PB240052.JPG PB240046.JPG
PB240051.JPG PB240050.JPG

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updated 11/29/08