Winter NAMM 2003

Had quite a great time at NAMM this year. It was the 20th anniversary of the MIDI Spec, so the MMA (MIDI Manufacturers Association) had a silent auction to bid on several unique collector keyboards, reference libraries, and other items. One of the items MMA offered for auction was the very first issue of Electronic Musician magazine, which I founded as Polyphony magazine back in 1975. So, MMA invited all the editors of EM (myself, Craig Anderton, and Steve Oppenheimer) to sign the cover of the issue in commemoration.

(click on pics for larger view)


Longtime buddy, Craig Anderton
doing a Reason "remix" performance


Robert Rich patching the MOTM,
with Paul Schreiber looking on


Fellow DIY'er, SynthFool Kevin Lightner
working the Moog Voyager demos

 Bob Moog, Mark Vail, Marvin Jones

Bob Moog, Mark Vail and myself

Bob told me he still has all his Polyphony
magazines on his bookshelf! Thanks, Bob!

 Robert Rich, Marvin Jones

Robert Rich and myself

 Russ Brower, Marvin Jones

Russ Brower and myself

Russ worked with Larry Fast and Isao Tomita
on sound design for the Disney Japan site.

Also had a great talk with Dave Smith about the early years, and all my visits with him at Sequential. Why, oh why, didn't I take a pic? Doh!

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