My Time @ Paia

I worked for Paia from 1974 until 1981 in various capacities, starting as Director of Technical Services (managing the service technician pool, as well as handling service related correspondence and phone calls from customers). After moving to the Wilshire building, I took over the in-house demo studio (and the infamous Demo Line), and later just focused on R&D and product development after I was running Polyphony Publishing Co. full time.


Products I developed while at Paia include:

1500 Phlanger ( Cover feature - Radio Electronics magazine, October 1977 )
1550 Stringz 'n' Thingz string synthesizer ( Cover feature - Radio Electronics magazine, February 1979 )
1551 Stringz 'n' Thingz stereo upgrade option
1750 Pygmy amp (and Electro-Larynx "talk-box" add-on)
4712 Reverb module
476x/478x series Road Cases
4771 Regulated Power Supply module
4781 Transposer module
4783 Joystick Controller
several of the EKx Experimenters Kits

... and probably a few other miscellaneous items I'm forgetting

(updated 11/07) - Most links above now lead to individual product pages with photos and trivia, and links to PDF manuals and magazine articles. I'll keep adding more as I get them scanned.

Tons of fun at Paia .... check back for more stories and memories!

The Demo Tapes

I have recently unearthed the original masters for all the demonstration recordings I did for Paia back in their demo studios. Hope to get those transferred, encoded, and posted here soon.

PDFs of the booklets for the demo recordings are now in the documents section of my Archives here.


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